Catalyst - Changemakers of Youth Environment and Perspective in South Baltic Area

2022-05-01 » 2022-08-31

Catalyst - Changemakers of Youth Environment and Perspective in South Baltic Area

A program co-financing activities under the project.: Interreg South Baltic
Project Partners: - Centrum Spotkań Europejskich Światowid w Elblągu (leader),
- Media Dizajn,
- EU office Skåne North east,
- Stowarzyszenie Gmin RP Euroregion Bałtyk,
- Uniwersytet w Wismarze.

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Catalyst - partner team workshop in Wismar, Germany, 24-25.05.2022

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On 06/05/2022, the Polish-German-Swedish team had the opportunity to meet online during the kick-off conference initiating activities of the project […]

Catalyst - Changemakers of Youth Environment and Perspective in South Baltic Area

CATALYST project will be treated as a pilot action dedicated to the development of an international network and platform to activate local institutions, authorities, organizations, or other entities (incl. politicians) working for engagement, better time spending, and involvement of young people in social, cultural, and business life in SB and to recognize how local areas could be a more friendly environment for the young generation. Joint actions taken by project members should allow participating organizations and their local supporters to become more active in the field of youth support/engagement, initiate cross-sectoral cooperation and help them in the future to revise their offer, consult it with young people - so it will be better suited to the needs and challenges indicated by youth. The project promotes the South Baltic area as an attractive place to spend free time and present different paths of activation of the young generation based on local resources. Revises different national and local approaches/ processes of building a targeted and dedicated youth offer. The South Baltic area has great potential as an attractive place to spend free time and activates young people, both in the field of tourism, culture, and art, startups (taking the first steps in a business career) or building an activation offer that is currently not fully used and adapted to the expectations of the young generation (confirmed in 5 projects implemented by partners). Currently, there is a lack of activation and leisure activities based on inter-sectoral dialogue and inclusion, joint building, and promotion of an activation and leisure offer focused on the needs of young people and contemporary challenges, such as digitization. Institutions of culture, art, tourism and activation of the young generation operating in the South Baltic area have not yet undertaken joint activities aimed at promoting and developing an activation offer in the entire South Baltic area.


Project area: Increasing the attractiveness of the Baltic Sea region for the young generation by creating a dedicated network. Initiating cooperation between entities in the area of: culture, education, innovation and tourism
Project scope: South Baltic Region
The role of STG ERB: Partner with own budget
Co-financing rate 85%
Project budget: 40.000 EUR
STG ERB budget: 5.000 EUR
Project consortium: 3 partners from Poland, 1 from Germany and 1 from Sweden

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