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CATALYST - Development of new youth initiatives - online meeting, 27.06.2022

On 27.06.2022 there was held another online meeting of the CATALYST project partnership team from Poland, Lithuania, Sweden led by CSE Światowid. The partner meeting had a working character and was dedicated to the development of the concept of activities for the activation of the young generation and the technical side of the project workshop being prepared in Elblag on July 13-15, 2022.

During the meeting the team discussed the plan for the upcoming event, the possibility of inviting potential participants from outside the consortium (Lithuania, Denmark), plans for the course of the event including inspiration visits, consultations with local youth and the workshop part dedicated to the development of two independent concepts of youth projects:

1. The first one dedicated to strengthening democratic processes, involvement and social activism of the young generation using democracy festivals;

The vision of the project is to revitalise democracy by strengthening the links between the (political, social) EU system and the citizens, as well as to create spaces for dialogue and participation.

2. Development of a virtual promotion and online application showing places important or attractive for youth and which can be used by young people in the BSR countries.

The vision of the project is to promote the South Baltic area as an attractive place for leisure time activities and to present various paths for activation of the young generation based on local resources. By improving various national and local approaches/processes of building a targeted and dedicated offer for young people we want to contribute to the development of the area, be it in the field of tourism, culture and arts, start-ups (taking their first steps in business career) or building activation offer, which is currently not fully used and adjusted to the expectations of the young generation 

Both concepts are derived from local needs in the 4 countries and the result of the workshop in Wismar (Germany) and the experience of the partner from the implementation of previous projects.

Dedicated meeting in Elbląg will serve as a decisive event for the further fate of the two applications, during which we will confront the expectations and capabilities of the current consortium with the actual expectations and needs of the young generation in order to create the most effective project applications prepared within the new perspective of the Interreg South Baltic Programme. It is also a basis for concretisation of future project plans and exchange of views and local experiences.

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