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A program co-financing activities under the project.: Interreg Baltic Sea Region
Project Partners: - Region Kalmar County (Lider)
- Kalmar Municipality
- Kalmar Water
- Vastervik Municipality
- Braniewo Municipality
- Association of Polish Communes
- Gdańsk University of Technology
- Economic Chamber "PolishWaterworks"
- Bornholms Water A/S
- Bornholms Wastewater A/S
- Association "Klaipeda Region"
- Administration of Klaipėda
- Klaipeda University
- Kurzeme planning region
- Saldus Municipality
- Berlin Centre of Competence for gGmbH

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Dialogue Forum and meeting of WaterMan project partners in Rønne

On November 7-9, 2023, an event was held as part of the WaterMan project in Denmark. The event was divided […]

Interview with expert Mr Preben Thisgaard

In the WaterMan projects, we are trying to engage experts in the topic of reusing water. One of them was […]

WaterMan is promoting water reuse in the Baltic Sea Region. In doing so, it adds a new element to water management that can make water supply more climate-resilient. The key actors in water reuse are local authorities and water utilities, for most of whom the topic is still new. WaterMan will provide them with the knowledge and tools to develop strategic approaches and implement concrete measures that will put water reuse into practice.

The capacity-building process involves an international peer learning process. Municipalities and water utilities from 6 countries, supported by research and development institutions/water experts, will co-create: 1.Sample water reuse strategies for selected model regions that combine measures for reuse of treated water, recirculation of retained water, and stakeholder and consumer acceptance of water reuse. 2.A set of complementary pilot activities for water reuse that represent typical use cases and that adapt, test and validate specific solutions for use in BSR. The results are processed into a "Toolkit for Water Reuse in the BSR." It gives other local authorities and water companies specific guidance on how to support water reuse and is proactively and widely disseminated.

Geographically, WaterMan focuses on the southern parts of the BSR (southeastern SE, DK, DE, PL, LT, LV, EE). This focus on homogeneous geology and landscape and landscape will make partnership learning and knowledge transfer more effective.

The core of the WaterMan partnership is made up of "practical" partners from the local level (local authorities, water utilities), who will become "leaders" in promoting water reuse in the Baltic Sea Region. In the project, they work with experts in the field, who provide them with the necessary knowledge that supports them in disseminating the project results to other interested local authorities and water supply companies in the Baltic Sea Region.


Project area: Water smart society

Project scope: European or transnational (mainly Baltic Sea countries)

Role of STG ERB: partner with own budget

Level of funding: 80%

Project budget: 4,377,046.00 EUR

STG ERB budget: 191,806.80 EUR

Project consortium: Project implemented jointly with 16 full partners and 27 associated partners from PL,DK,SE, EE, DE, LT, LV, FI

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