Activities' directions of the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic

Current Directions for Action for 2022-2024

Objective 1: Strengthening the organization and its basis of functioning

Point 1. Administrative and technical strengthening

Item 2. Development and promotion of the Association in the country and abroad

Objective 2: Activation of member entities and partner organizations

Point 1: Involving members and entities from the region in joint activities

Point 2: Association as a platform for multi-sectoral cooperation

Point 3: Wider support and promotion of local initiatives

Objective 3: Association as an effective tool for undertaking development challenges - project activity

Point 1: Design activity of the Secretariat - own projects

Point 2: Direct inclusion of member communes in new projects - supported initiatives

Point 3: Increased benefits for direct and indirect beneficiaries

Priorities for project activities

Area 1 - broadly understood promotion and communication of regions and local resources

A. Tourism and culture

  • Innovations in Culture and Tourism
  • Increasing the role of culture and tourism for economic development and area integration
  • Sustainable sea and coastal tourism
  • Preservation and enhancement of cultural and historical heritage (including cooking)
  • Building a coherent image and promoting the tourist brand, culture and cultural heritage

B. Transportation

  • Development of TEN-T infrastructure
  • Development zones along transport corridors
  • Development of sustainable transport, infrastructure and mobility
  • Transport connectivity / mobility

Area 2 - environment and ecological issues - problem solving

A. Circular economy

  • An economy resilient to climate change
  • Manufacturing and industry as well as technological innovations
  • Infrastructure and entrepreneurship
  • Social capital and social economy
  • Labor market development
  • Sustainable infrastructure for social and spatial planning
  • Bioeconomy
  • Food economy and food industry
  • Growing economy for sustainable development
  • Human Resources management

B. Climate change

  • Environmental protection and ecological education
  • Investments in Nature, Renewable energy sources
  • Rational management of natural resources, improvement of the environment and ecological safety
  • Green transition
  • Protection and enhancement of natural heritage
  • Green, sustainable waste and sewage management
  • Achieving a greener and emission-free environment
  • Blue and green growth through investments and pilot activities

C. Water problems

  • Improving the quality of the waters of the Baltic Sea and the Vistula Lagoon
  • Regional / national water management - the condition and quality of inland waters, wider use of water communication routes
  • Blue growth
  • Protection and management of water resources (retention, wetlands, stormwater and management)

Area 3 - activities for young people

A. Youth

  • Cooperation within international networks and educational programs for young people
  • Activities for the participation of young people and supporting their local activity in relation to the demographic situation and brain drain
  • A good environment for children and adolescents
  • Security, scholarships, science and health, influence and responsibility, knowledge and a global view
  • Youth cooperation as a cross-sectoral priority

Area 4 - actions to increase the innovativeness of local governments and the development of local entities and initiatives

A. Innovation

  • Digitization and innovative digital solutions in municipalities/ cities/ rural area
  • Future competencies, intelligent productivity, optimal development structure
  • Tech - digitization and smart societies, smart specialization
  • IT - software and advanced business services
  • Digitizing society and increasing digital interactions - cross-sector cooperation
  • Development of the science and innovation sector
  • Industry 4.0
  • Information and communication technologies
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