The mission of the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Bałtyk


The main idea of our activities is the slogan: "CLOSER COOPERATION, THE IDEA OF SELF-GOVERNMENT, SOCIETY AND THE BALTIC SEA", setting strategic goals through:

  • A common voice as part of international and local government cooperation

Thanks to the efforts of our Secretariat team, member communes can speak with one voice in relation to the external environment and foreign partners. We focus on promoting the idea of self-government and the internationalization of activities by transferring local initiatives to a new dimension of intersectoral and cross-border cooperation. This means that the Association unites the communes of northern Poland and conducts joint work as an advocate in cases where the representatives of local government units are united.

  • Value creation for municipalities

We focus on work that creates value in member municipalities based on the interests of our members and the need for development. All our work is anchored in our member municipalities, both among leading politicians and officials. For example, an association must facilitate cooperation where there are clear benefits that create added value for the municipalities and their inhabitants. By promoting the cooperation of the Association, we promote cooperation between the communes of the Pomorskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie province through strategic networks that have clear tasks from the municipal authorities. Networks are both temporary and permanent in order to solve a specific task.

  • Internationalization of activities and development of the region

Through many years of experience in international work manifested in project bravery, we use to the greatest extent possible European initiatives that are planned in various programs concerning this part of Europe. By continuing and developing new project initiatives, we are actively working to improve the living conditions of the population living in the area of the Association's activities, with particular emphasis on border areas.

We fulfil the objectives of the mission through:

  • shaping awareness and disseminating knowledge about cooperation between borders, possibilities of cooperation in the country and abroad,
  • building partnership relations of local governments with the business sphere, scientific institutions and supporting organizations and networks of the international environment,
  • promoting the idea of self-government and multi-sectoral cooperation for the benefit of local communities,
  • active cooperation with foreign partners, not only from the Baltic Sea area but the entire EU;
    popularization, information and education activities for the benefit of local communities, showing the benefits of the processes of internationalization of initiatives,
  • openness to new ventures and support in their development,
  • implementation of a special mission - respecting the Baltic traditions of the region and promoting the benefits of cooperation within the ERB network.

We support the development of the region through:

  • participation in international life and activities,
  • expert, advisory, opinion-forming, publishing, information and promotional activities,
  • care for the shape and culture of relationships with the local government, science, business and residents.
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