Nursecoast II

2023-01-01 » 2025-12-31

Sustainable water

A program co-financing activities under the project.: Interreg Baltic Sea Region
Project Partners: - The Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Sciences (IFFM PAS) (Lider)
- Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)
- Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE)
- SYKLI Environmental School of Finland (SYKLI)
- Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association (KATA)
- Aalborg Univesity (AAU)
- The Bogdan Janski Bure Misie Community Foundation (BMCF)
- Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre (SEI Tallinn)
- Jurmala Udens Water Utility (JU)
- Municipality of Söderhamn
- Municipality of Ingå
- JSC Neringa water
- Ecovillage Egeskoven (EcoE)
- NK forsyning
- Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic
- EUCC - The Coastal Union Germany

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The Nursecoast project aims to better adapt wastewater treatment systems to the high seasonality of tourist destinations and improve the condition of the coastal Baltic Sea.

The Nursecoast II project focuses on the problem of small wastewater treatment plants associated with tourism on the seacoast. The high variability of flows caused by the seasonality of tourist traffic makes it difficult to achieve the required wastewater quality at any time. In turn, the quality of wastewater affects the condition of coastal waters and the attractiveness of these destinations to tourists.

The project will pilot various approaches to treating excess wastewater during peak tourist periods, such as wastewater treatment technologies, reuse of treated wastewater, nature-based solutions, gray water and sludge management. In addition, an exploratory study of small wastewater systems will be carried out to expand knowledge of daily operational problems, develop several tutorials based on the project results, and formulate guidelines for wastewater treatment policies in Baltic Sea tourist destinations. The main target groups are local public authorities, owners of tourist attractions and operators of wastewater treatment plants.


Project area: Sustainable water

Project scope: European or transnational (mainly Baltic Sea countries)

Role of STG ERB: Partner with its own budget

Level of funding: 80%

Project budget: 4,421,180.27 EUR

STG ERB budget: 210,754.22 EUR

Project consortium: Project implemented jointly with 17 full partners and 25 associated partners from PL, DK, SE, EE, DE, LT, LV , FI

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