Sztum Circular Economy

2022-02-28 » 2024-04-30

Sztum circular economy - a response to contemporary climate challenges

A program co-financing activities under the project.: Environment, Energy and Climate Change Program and funds from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021
Project Partners: - Sztum City and Commune (Leader)
- Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic
- Gdańsk University of Technology - Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
- International Development Norway (Norwegian partner)

Project related events

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Ecological seminar for children and teenagers - School in Czernin

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Sztum Circular Economy project - study visit to Norway

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Thematic webinars - pro-ecological webinar 17.04.2023

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Annual Stakeholder Forum of the Euroregion Baltic and Sztum Circular Economy - joint action, 8-9.12.2022, Olsztyn

On 8 December 2022, the Annual Stakeholder Forum of the Euroregion Baltic was held in Olsztyn, organised in cooperation with […]

The project is implemented under the "Environment, Energy, Climate Change" Program co-financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

The project provides for investment activities and soft activities carried out in parallel over a 26th-month period, not only in the area of ​​Sztum City and Commune but also using the experience and expertise of partners from Norway, thanks to the support of International Development Norway. "Sztum Circular economy" uses the possibilities of transferring knowledge and good practices regarding environmental protection, entrepreneurship and the use of circular economy thanks to cooperation with the Gdańsk University of Technology - Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and leads to the internationalization of activities involving municipalities of two voivodeships and foreign partners from 5 regions of the Baltic Sea basin through information and network activities carried out through the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Bałtyk.
The project consists of 4 components developed by partners from Poland and Norway, diversified in terms of scope and content, which contribute to creating lasting conditions for activity in the field of circular economy in the City and Commune of Sztum, participation and cooperation of the general public with local entities economy and environmental protection in the entire Baltic Sea region.
Through, among others training, an educational campaign, exchange of experiences for effective operation, increases the capacity of the human resources and resource potential in the field of circular economy (GOZ), while providing them with appropriate work tools, rationalization of management methods and techniques, increasing the efficiency of waste management and recycling, and increasing transparency and availability of the local offer to the general public. The use of innovative ways of engaging and educating residents (participation in the management of a repair point, SferaLab, hackathon) to manage waste segregation in a commune will contribute to the creation of an easily transferred model of stimulating social activity and increasing the levels of knowledge, ensuring the achievement of the main goal of the project, which is to strengthen the implementation of the circular economy closed.
Activities to make the functioning of the Selective Waste Collection Point facility for Sztum (including the construction of a selective waste collection point in Sztumskie Pole and a repair, storage and exhibition hall in Sztum) in a changing environment lead to an increase not only in the ability to adapt to social needs, but also to establish permanent cooperation with local entities in the field of development of information and education services provided in the city of Sztum. It is also better cooperation between the public, scientific, private, business and social sectors as well as the internationalization of the issues and promotion of good practices implemented under the project.
In terms of infrastructure, by creating a selective municipal waste collection point, the so-called SWCP (PSZOK in PL) and the repair - warehouse - exhibition hall aims to create permanent conditions for activities in the field of circular economy, and at the same time to protect the environment and health of the inhabitants of the City and Commune of Sztum.
Moreover, the project will promote regional and international cooperation, in which Polish and foreign partners will play an important role. The tasks carried out under the project will take place in Poland and abroad (Norway and BSR countries)


Project area: Circular economy, green and blue growth, counteracting climate change
Duration: 26 months
Project scope: local and transnational (investment activity in Poland, know-how from Norway). With a local or regional focus but international
The role of STG ERB: partner with own budget
Co-financing rate 85%
Project budget: 1 169 798,16 EUR
STG ERB budget: 67 819,77 EUR
Project consortium: 4 partners, including 3 from PL and 1 from NOR

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