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Thematic webinars - pro-ecological webinar 17.04.2023

We invite you to the first in a series of three pro-ecological webinars, which will be devoted to the subject of the Circular Economy. The purpose of the meeting is to bring closer good practices developed by Norwegian local government communities on the path of transformation towards GOZ.
The webinar is addressed to specialists in the field of environmental protection, and representatives of public administration from Warmia and Mazury and Pomerania regions.

when - April 17, 2023
time - 10:30 - 12:00
registration -

Webinar organized as part of the Sztum Circular Economy project by International Development Norway

The aim of the workshop is to increase the knowledge and skills of the participants. Workshops will allow you to gain knowledge about reliable indicators conditioning the development of cross-sectoral cooperation in the field of circular economy, as well as possible areas of cooperation and the costs of possible abandonment of this cooperation.

Thanks to this, specific solutions and tools will be developed to support the continuous development of existing and establishing new cooperation channels. Thanks to the implementation of the workshops, niches and areas to be developed as part of cross-sectoral activities taking into account the use of the potential and activity of the youth environment will be defined.

This action will enable the development and creation of new initiatives and ideas for projects under the umbrella of local self-government units participating in the project. It is also building a platform for cooperation between actors from various sectors to increase activity in circular economy processes.

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