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XVI Elbląg Social Economy Conference

Today we participated in the 16th Elbląg Social Economy Conference, under the motto "Social economy in the Elbląg subregion - needs, good practices, opportunities", organised by ESWIP.

In this year's edition, the main themes of the event were: "The role and opportunities of local governments in the development of ES, perspectives for the development of ES and social services, as well as support for ES in the Elbląg subregion in 2023-2029".

We listened to presentations by representatives of cooperatives and associations, who talked about the daily problems and opportunities of social economy entities. The speakers shared their knowledge related to management and the creation of principles for building social cooperatives, provided a range of useful information on opportunities for social enterprises and presented practical solutions and methods of action, while encouraging us to seek inspiration abroad. In addition, the experts at the meeting presented the benefits of their activities, which often translate into direct assistance for specific people who are socially excluded for some reason or who are not doing well enough on the free labour market.

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