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Think Global - Act local - online meeting with partners

As part of the activities preparing the start of the project, the partners met to talk about their closest activities. Among other things, the first project meeting will be held in September 2022 in Elbląg. It is planned for 25 participants, where partners from Poland, Romania, Greece, Italy and Spain will be involved. Each of the partners will involve 5 experts who will participate and they will work on completing the prepared questionnaire on the activity of residents in the activities of local authorities.

The next meeting is planned for November / December 2022 in Greece. At this meeting, we will be looking for 2 experts who can join representatives of the Association. It will be a continuation of the first meeting but based on the experience of Greek inhabitants.

In addition, the partners discussed the issues related to the signing of a partnership agreement with the project leader.

Work is also underway on the preparation of the project logo in order to better promote the project itself and the CERV program.

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