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Sztum Circular Economy Final Conference - Day 1

We are just wrapping up the first day of a two-day conference concluding the project "Sztum Circular Economy – a Response to Contemporary Climate Challenges," which has been in progress for the past two years. During the event, project outcomes and the experiences gained from the project in an international context were presented. The Task Force's achievements to date were summarized, and the main themes related to the Group's activities were discussed, namely: the efficiency of heating systems, the integration of solar energy and agriculture, fossil fuels in the context of public transportation, methanization, and energy with respect to the EU directive on heat and cooling plans. The future operation and relevance of the Task Force were also addressed, with a focus on the need to take further steps toward effective operation. Tomorrow, we will meet in Sztum to jointly participate in the summary and official closure of the project.

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