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Sztum Circular Economy - Day with Climate 03.09.2022

The partnership team does not stop working even on weekends for the sake of a joint project and to put the idea of the circular economy to work and leave its mark on the ecological development of our member municipalities! This time we worked together with the local authorities in Sztum!

On Saturday (03.09.2022), within the framework of the local celebration of the project Leader, the Municipality of Sztum held its first project event, 'Sztum Circular Economy - the answer to modern climate requirements', addressed to local beneficiaries, referred to as the 'Day with Climate'.

It was an information and education event with a practical dimension, which had an open dimension - thus ensuring greater involvement of local society and invited guests.

As part of the Climate Day, a range of activities were organised for potential participants from different age categories, including: 

  • the organisation of presentations and competitions on the topics of waste management and the impact of pro-environmental and pro-environmental behaviour and our ability to influence climate change mitigation, 
  • integration games: including a field game and a nature knowledge quiz - showing the values of local nature and the environment, as well as providing a moment of reflection on the need to protect them;
  • a "zero waste" cooking workshop, showing how to reduce the amount of waste generated in our daily lives in a simple way;
  •  a "Second Life" product swap corner, where everyone could swap their old and worn-out items for new ones,
  • the presentation of prizes and environmental gadgets;

As part of the stands prepared by the Municipality of Sztum, which presented the project to local residents and guests during the Sztum Days, a climatic corner was set up, where workshops were held to promote the idea of the closed-circuit economy, i.e. the optimum use of products and materials (counteracting the waste of raw materials and energy) according to the 'zero waste' principle, e.g. food products in the kitchen or waste generated in the kitchen, it was possible to promote the exchange of used items between users (exchange of clothes, books, etc.). In addition, competitions, games and quizzes were organised for children and adults, with prizes including seedlings of trees, shrubs or ornamental plants. 

This activity is a kind of link and contribution of the Municipality of Sztum and the partner team to the trend associated with the local celebrations of Earth Day, a holiday whose aim is to draw attention to environmental issues, including the promotion of pro-ecological behaviour, and the celebration of the Sztum Earth Day. Earth Day is the biggest environmental holiday celebrated since 1970 and is currently celebrated in 192 countries, which we want to promote during local events. In Poland, Earth Day has been celebrated since 1990. The celebration of the Sztum Earth Day is a traditional block of events, which brings together a large number of local residents and is an excellent source of promoting public involvement in climate issues.

During the event, a short partnership coordination meeting was also held between the project leader, the City and Municipality of Sztum, and representatives of the Association of Municipalities of the Republic of Poland Euroregion Baltic and representatives of Gdansk University of Technology, during which the activities to date were discussed, as well as the challenges that lie ahead in the project. The date of the next meeting of the entire Polish-Norwegian partnership team was also confirmed, which will take place on 09.09.2022 in an online format.

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