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Study visit to Oslo within the Active Creative project - day 1

We are in the midst of a study visit to Oslo, Norway, organised as part of the project AkTYwny KreaTYwny - stimulating the spirit of cultural and creative entrepreneurship by partner International Development Norway.

For the trip, we invited representatives of cultural units from the EL Gallery Art Centre, the "Światowid" European Meeting Centre in Elbląg and the Dzierzgoński Cultural Centre. On the first day, we visited the Munch Museum Business Development, where we met with a representative of the museum's management, who presented the museum's model of prosperity, both in terms of content and finance, which allowed us to understand the policies and models that enable the cultivation of a thriving creative and cultural sector in Norway. We also had the opportunity to visit an exhibition displaying the art of Edvard Munch at the Munchmuseet. A large part of the museum's artefacts are more than 1,000 paintings, 4,500 drawings and 18,000 prints, several sculptures, as well as photographs and personal memorabilia that the artist bequeathed to the city of Oslo. And among them, of course, is a collection of different versions of 'The Scream', created using various techniques. In addition to 'The Scream', the collections 'Madonna', 'Vampire' or 'Sick Child' are available to admire, as well as lesser-known works by the artist, including sculptures and photographs.

One floor of the 13-storey building also housed the Francisco de Goya exhibition, where the works on display allowed visitors to immerse themselves in the artist's modern visions. The entire surface area of the Munch Museum building is 26,000 square metres, of which 4,500 are dedicated to permanent exhibitions. The exhibition spaces occupy eight floors, with the top floors offering beautiful views of the fjord and unusual sunsets. The managers of Munchmuseet estimate that at least half a million visitors come to the institution every year.

In the second part of the first day, we moved on to Scandinavia's largest art museum, the Nasjonalmuseet, where we admired the display of both Norwegian and international collections of art, architecture and design. The Nasjonalmuseet also has its own hall in the National Museum, featuring Edward Munch. Overall, the modern 13,000-square-metre building actually houses three institutions, the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design. More than 6,500 exhibits can be admired in the numerous halls, and the collections in their timeframes start from antiquity to the present day.

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