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Study visit to Oslo as part of the Active Creative project - day 2 - workshops

The second day of the study visit with Active Creative, on 11 January this year, was marked by training and workshops. We participated in a training session related to new technologies and augmented reality, aimed at professional development and providing insights into emerging trends and innovative practices in the creative industries. During the meeting, we learned the basics of working with VR and how it can be used to, for example, create innovative and effective promotional strategies. We also had the opportunity to learn about the whole range of the latest digital technologies and media platforms available in the field of arts and culture, bringing about a revolution in the above sector. We then moved on to further topics, related to the broader architecture of cultural facilities. We talked about inconveniences and facilities for people with all kinds of limitations, from physical disabilities to hyper-reactivity to sound, for example, in relation to the two venues we visited on the first day.

The VR workshop programme covered the following topics:

Introduction to augmented reality (XR): transmedia and hybrid media; history and development of XR; types of XR; core XR technologies and platforms. Pitching and promoting with XR: analysing XR use cases in product promotion, combining XR with other media to create a cohesive narrative, integrating XR with traditional and digital marketing channels. XR experience design: principles of designing effective and engaging XR experiences, integrating AI with XR for personalised experiences, photogrammetry in XR content creation, tools and software for XR content creation, practical exercises based on selected XR applications. Case studies: presentation of successful XR projects, examples of successful implementations using game technology, analysis of strategies and effects of their application. The future of XR in promotion and culture: future trends and developments in XR technology, holographic screens, game engines as versatile creative platforms, opportunities to integrate XR with other technologies such as AI and IoT.

Tomorrow we will again be training on the topic of virtual reality, focusing on shared virtual reality. Tomorrow evening also sees another major event, the opening of the Baltic Home exhibition, which was on show at the EL Gallery Art Centre in September, this time in Oslo.

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