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Study visit to Elblag - SeaMan project

On June 28 and 29 this year, we hosted our partners from Sweden and Lithuania in Elbląg. The two-day study visit was organized as part of the SeaMan project. The first day began with workshop work, during which we worked on the concept document of the future project application. During the workshop we also had an online connection with future regular project partners, Gdansk University of Technology and EUCC - Die Küsten Union Deutschland.

After the workshop part, we went to the Elbląg River. First to the houseboat that the Water Group created a few years ago. There we listened to a short presentation on the water history of Elbląg, its location at the meeting point of three cultures, starting with the Truso settlement, and its connection with amber. The meeting participants also heard some information about Elbląg's Old Town and its reconstruction, as well as a bit of information about the area around Elbląg, which formed a group of islands in the past.

Another highlight of the program was a canoe trip on Wyspa Spichrzów and a motorboat trip to Drużno Lake. Guests had the opportunity to see at the same time one example of the use of water resources for recreation in our region and the whole range of assets and opportunities associated with the use of water in Elbląg and the surrounding area.

The next day we showed our partners how Elbląg's modern Water Treatment Plant works. We visited the control room, the room where water is filtered, learned that the water Elbląg residents use is drawn directly from deep wells, and got acquainted with the technological process EPWiK uses to make the water in the taps ultimately fit for consumption directly.

The next item on the agenda of the second day was a visit to the Elbląg Sea Port. The guests had the opportunity to get acquainted with the functioning of the port on a daily basis. The Port Director talked about the operations of the Elbląg port, maritime transport and its directions, as well as plans for greater transshipments in connection with the Vistula Spit re-digging.

After visiting the port, we went on a tour of the Elblag Highlands Landscape Park. The first stop was the Bird Paradise nature trail, which offers a view of the Elblag Bay, and the proximity of birds that inhabit our area makes this place particularly special. Participants of the tour were equipped with binoculars to admire the qualities of this place up close. The trail begins at road 503 in Rangóry. It is located by the right embankment, next to the ditch draining water from the Elblag Highlands. Visitors to this place have a unique opportunity to admire with their own eyes the diversity of nature of the area, along with the multitude of species, primarily birds, but also mammals, amphibians and insects, living in the wetlands.

The final point of the sightseeing tour was the Kadin Forest Nature Reserve, along with nearby architecture. We climbed to the vantage point from where we had a wonderful view of the Vistula Lagoon, and learned about the rich history of the area we visited.

After the presentation of our regional water and ecological resources, we returned to the workshop part, continuing to work on the concept paper and defining the next action steps. We then said goodbye to our partners, confirming the next meeting in an online format to further co-create possible concepts for water projects within the Sea Man project seed fund, meeting the needs of all project partners.

The event was attended by the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic, Non-public Educational Institution Academy of Water Sports "Group" Marcin Trudnowski, Elbląg Sea Port Authority Ltd, Sport club for Klaipeda city kids and Olympic sailing "Zalgiris", Kristianstad Municipality, Naturum Vattenriket visitor center, Klaipeda Lindenau Training Center, EU office Skane Northeast, Elbląg Water and Sewerage Company and Elbląg Highlands Landscape Park.

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