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STG ERB Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic was held today, at which the internal situation of the Association was discussed, as well as administrative actions, among others, related to the admission of a new member, Gronowo Elbląskie municipality, into the ranks of STG ERB.

The subject of the Association's budgetary situation was also discussed, as well as the subject related to external cooperation, especially in the matter of the ERB network and the functioning of the Permanent International Secretariat of Euroregion Baltic. The findings of the meeting of the ERB Presidium on 14-15.02.2024, held in Sweden, such as the transfer of the presidency from Bornholm to the Kronoberg region; the transformation of the ERB into an EGTC organization in terms of plans, documentation and further activities; budgetary issues and resources of the ERB IPS, or the position of the Euroregion on EU cohesion policy after 2027, were summarized. The project activities of the ERB STG and the development of new initiatives for the future were also discussed.

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