Informacje z Euroregionu Bałtyk

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Second meeting of the Executive Board of the 8th legislature

We are after the meeting of the STG ERB Board, which took place today. At the second meeting of the members of the Board of the current term, internal issues, concerning current affairs and technical-organisational matters, of the Association were discussed. The main issue addressed was the future of the APC ERB in the newly established organisation of the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Euroregion Baltic. So far the Euroregion Baltic international grouping (of which our Association is also a member), has only been an informal form of cross-border cooperation, but will soon be transformed into an EGTC, a legal entity established by European Union law. After a discussion analysing the pros and cons of membership of the EGTC Euroregion Baltic, everything seems to indicate that joining the ranks of this organisation will be a favourable solution for us. The final decision on this issue will be taken in September this year.

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