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Second event in Romania 17-18.10.2023

The final event of the Think Global, Act Local project, which took place in Slanic Moldova (Romania), is behind us. It was dedicated to summarizing the results developed in the project and focused on discussions about future joint activities.

The project leader presented the project's assumptions again, while each of the partners introduced themselves due to the new participants who attended the meeting. After the presentation, the leader presented a summary of the project's activities and mentioned the highlights and results developed jointly by the partners as well as the participants involved.

Participants discussed opportunities for joint initiatives, work on which began while the project was still in progress. The most important element developed in the project was the Long-term Strategy for Democratic Engagement and Participation and the Strategy for Strengthening Cultural Heritage at the Local Level through Cooperation at the European Union Level.

In the exploratory part of the Romanian partner, the participants were taken to a cable car, where they were able to learn information about the Natura 2000 areas that are located there.

Day two began with a presentation of the project's results. The first were the results of surveys conducted among the participating cities and municipalities. They concerned the cooperation of city authorities with residents and activities aimed at involving them in activities carried out by the city. The next item was the two aforementioned strategies developed during earlier workshop meetings in Italy and Poland.

Discussions were held between politicians, who talked about the importance of international cooperation, the similarities of the various project partners, and the vast opportunities and possibilities for further cooperation.

The project leader designated a section for a workshop to develop ideas for promoting and spreading awareness of the project and the program once the project is completed. Many ideas were raised, where promotions on social media, in city offices, or in F2F conversations, among others, can be mentioned.

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