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Public speaking training "Amazing speaker" - Active Creative project - day 1

The first day of the 'Mamazing Speaker' public speaking training course is behind us. The participants of the training today learnt how to prepare an interesting and engaging presentation, worked on techniques for dealing with stage fright, and acquired a lot of factual knowledge about what to pay special attention to when speaking in front of an audience in order to make the most of their potential. We also learned about the importance of breathing, thought hygiene, visualisation and what a power position is. For tomorrow, everyone will prepare their own 'improved' presentation, made according to today's instructions from the presenter. On the second day of training, we will also work on the use of space, tone of voice and body language, among other things.

The "Captivating Speaker" public speaking training is implemented as part of the activities of the AkTYwny KreaTYwny project. The trainer is Magdalena Prech.

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