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Public Hearing in Dzierzgoń

We are closing another phase of GreenUp project activities. Today was the third and final Public Hearing. This time their project fiches were presented by students from: Elementary School in Bągart, Wanda Chotomska Elementary School in Bruk, and Polish State Millennium Elementary School in Dzierzgon. All presentations were carefully listened to by representatives of the Dzierzgon Municipal Office. The design concepts presented at today's event are:

"EKO PLACE - Green Place/Heart of Dzierzgon," whose main goal is to build environmental awareness in the Dzierzgon municipality of children and young people, and during the implementation of the project would, among other things, create a public space dedicated primarily to young people;

"EEE BĄGART- Experimental Educational Ecological Project in Bągart," where the main goal is a cleaner, greener and more socially engaged Bągart, and one of the specific goals is to create an ecological, safe and environmentally friendly educational path between Bągart and Dzierzgon;

"Better Eco Life - Better Eco Life in the Municipality of Dzierzgon and Bruk," which set as its main objective the improvement of the quality of life of residents through the organization of joint pro-environmental initiatives in Bruk, in one of the points containing specific objectives appeared the need to improve the state of public infrastructure through the construction of a system of bicycle paths and trash garbage cans for waste segregation, along with containers for dog excrement.

The mayor of Dzierzgon, Jolanta Szewczun, responded positively to all the concepts presented, and the meeting culminated in the signing of a letter of intent - the Pact for Green Change in the Municipality of Dzierzgon, announcing cooperation in future project activities between Dzierzgon's local government structures and the GreenUp project consortium.

The GreenUP project is financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway from the EEA and Norwegian Funds under the Active Citizens - Regional Fund Program."

Project partners are: WAMA COOP Association of GMINS of the Republic of Poland EUROREGION BALTIC Fønix AS , Elblag Technology Park.

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