Baltic Sea Youth Platform

2020-02-01 » 2022-08-31

A program co-financing activities under the project.: Erasmus+
Project Partners: LP - The Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat
PP2 - Erasmus Student Network Finland
PP3 - Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic
PP4 - Lietuvos Jaunimo Prganizacijo Taryba
PP5 - Perspektive Europa
PP6 - Union of the Baltic Cities

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The BSYP will enable youth organisations to reach their fullest potential by empowering them to develop new
ideas and pursue them jointly, under the guidance of the 2030 Agenda framework.
The platform will engage youth at different levels, in the design of a common framework for action and a shared
Baltic Sea Region (BSR) identity.

The aim of the partnership is, to…

  1. Improve the political impact of youth on Baltic Sea policy-making.
  2. Develop tools for better knowledge transfer.
  3. Facilitate various innovative projects relying on the interests and capacities of youth in a broad range of policy areas.

What will be done?

The BSYP will produce several Intellectual Outputs usable for youth organisations and policy-makers in the BSR and other macroregions to promote the region and its identity.
The main output will be a virtual platform for youth, organisations and decision-makers for projects and to interact with each other. The platform will be built according to the needs of the young people in the region and the demands of policy-makers. The platform enables youth to interact, cooperate and communicate
across borders and to virtually meet peers and decision-makers in a safe and productive environment.
The BSYD will also produce a Baltic Sea Youth Power Box, with toolkits and guidelines for intergenerational dialogue, policymaking, youth engagement and advocacy especially tailored for youth in the region, but with possible transferability to other regions.
Furthermore, the youth platform participants will be able to engage in the production of youth inputs for the Baltic Sea Cultural Cities (BSCC) - a flagship project of the Policy Area Culture of the EU Strategy of the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR).
The platform will collectively produce External Reports to show what projects have been done and how the platform was established. Furthermore, Policy Recommendations for decision-makers in the region to emphasise the political perspective of young people and ensure their positions and rationales are delivered to those who make decisions about our future will be produced.

How will it be done?

The Youth Platform will work as an umbrella coordination mechanism for several youth organisations horizontally across sectors in connection to the different policy areas and horizontal actions of the EUSBSR.
The Strategic Partners of the Erasmus+ project (KA 205) and other associated partners will meet physically and virtually several times per year to discuss the progress and further steps of the project. There will be at least one Multiplier Event per year to inform external stakeholders about the progress of the project and showcase the
Intellectual Outputs.
In addition, young people will have a safe space to come up with concrete actions and project ideas to allow for increased participation of youth in society. This will contribute to the development of sustainable policies for future generations and the creation of future experts with the cohesion and stability of our Baltic Sea Region at heart!

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