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Nursecoast II - technolognike meeting

On Wednesday 30 August this year, the NURSECOAST II project held an online meeting on technological issues. We discussed with experts the topics related to the application of nano-bubbles technology in a future investment. The Polish partners have already received a nano-bubble generator for their treatment plant and a large part of the meeting was devoted to this topic. We are still preparing for a physical meeting and a peer-to-peer report.

The Nursecoast project aims to better adapt wastewater treatment systems to the high seasonality in tourist destinations and to improve the condition of the coastal Baltic Sea. It focuses on the problem of small wastewater treatment plants related to tourism on the sea coast. The high variability of flows caused by the seasonality of tourist traffic makes it difficult to achieve the required effluent quality at any time. In turn, the quality of wastewater affects the health of coastal waters and the attractiveness of these destinations for tourism.

The project will pilot different approaches to treating excess wastewater during peak tourist periods, such as wastewater treatment technologies, reuse of treated wastewater, nature-based solutions, grey water and sludge management. In addition, an exploratory study of small wastewater systems will be carried out in order to increase knowledge of everyday operational problems, to develop several tutorials based on the project results and to formulate policy guidelines for wastewater treatment in Baltic Sea tourist destinations. The main target groups are local public authorities, owners of tourist attractions and operators of wastewater treatment plants.

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