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New projects!

It is with great pleasure that we inform you about current developments in our international project activities, which form a major part of our Association's work and translate into benefits for STG ERB members.

In the near future, we will start five new projects for which we have obtained European funding, under the INTERREG South Baltic and INTERREG Central Europe measures.

Approved South Baltic projects:

  1. D-EFFECT - Democracy lessons for civil society, incorporating a youth perspective in EU policy-making at all levels in line with the Youth Strategy 2022-2027
  2. SCONE - Collaborative Network for Sustainability in the South Baltic, focusing on sustainability curricula in secondary schools and pro-environmental activities, working with teachers and students and strengthening extra-curricular learning.
  3. BALTWRECK - Prevention of massive chemical pollution of seawater by leaking wrecks and ammunition/weapons dumps in the South Baltic Sea, with the main theme of combating various hazardous substances in the aquatic and marine environment in order to enhance water safety and quality, and prevention and prevention of risks from underwater wrecks and waste dumps in the Baltic Sea.
  4. Circular MuSe - Promoting circular economy approaches that increase resource efficiency in municipal services and optimise processes and strategies. Approved Central Europe project:
  5. CONE- Cities of nature: nature-based solutions in urban living labs, where the theme is nature-based solutions in small and medium-sized cities
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