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Methodological meeting in schools - Dzierzgoń

Three meetings in the commune of Dzierzgoń took place in schools in the city of Dzierzgoń, Bągart and Bruk. The meetings were conducted in the word cafe formula in each of the schools. The assumptions of the project and the implemented activities were presented. With the support of the school management and the involvement of the teaching staff, young people worked on defining the role of the school as the "heart of the green change", i.e. a place where joint initiatives for socio-economic development in the municipality will be defined and built with the active participation of school/youth communities. The meetings will contribute to the creation of youth teams that will become the basis for further activities in the project, as well as those that will be developed together during the project.

21 March 2023

The first school in the Dzierzgoń Commune was the Primary School. Millennium of the Polish State in Dzierzgoń. We started by discussing environmental issues such as air and water pollution, climate change, and fossil fuel consumption. Then, the workshop participants were divided into three groups and asked to propose solutions to specific problems in their neighborhood or school.

23 March 2023

The second meeting was held at the Primary School. Saint Adalbert in Bągart. During the meeting, three main problem areas were identified in the field of pro-ecological activities noticed by the students of the primary school. Adalbert in Bągart:

  1. Development of recycling and upcycling in the Commune
  2. Promotion of healthy habits and pro-ecological behavior in the Commune
  3. Creating conditions and places to spend free time

Young people willingly shared their ideas about supporting and developing ecological activities in the commune. One of the ideas was to make ecological performances at municipal events and to make shopping bags from old clothes.

29 March 2023

The last meeting took place at the primary school in Bruk. Young people creatively talked about ecology and improving the quality of the environment in the commune, especially in Bruk. There were some interesting ideas on how to promote ecology among residents. Young people told how the situation of ecology looks like from their perspective and most of them expressed a positive opinion about their neighborhood. In addition to windmills and photovoltaic panels, residents care about nature to a large extent, although there are exceptions.

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