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Meeting of the Elbląg Water Economy and Specialisation Network

A meeting of the Elbląg Water Economy and Specialisation Network was held today to discuss the most important issues related to planning the network's activities for the coming year.

Key topics included promotion, the organisation of thematic events, and their financing. Perhaps thanks to the activities of our Network, in the near future Elbląg will host annual events related to the promotion of the water environment, such as festivals or fairs, which will attract more tourists to our city.

Ideas include organising events such as the Elbląg Water Days, the Shanty Festival or a water equipment fair. These initiatives are eagerly awaited, if only by the business community, especially now that the Vistula Spit diversion is underway.

As a reminder, the Elbląg Water Specialisation and Economy Network was established in April 2023 on the initiative of the STG ERB, operates under the management of the Elbląg Municipality and is coordinated by the Elbląg Technology Park and our Association.

You can read more about the Network at the link below:

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