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First working meeting of the Polish side of the WaterMan project, Braniewo, February 26, 2023

Since the launch of the WaterMan project, which took place in early January 2023, several online meetings have already taken place, with all partners from 6 countries participating. However, the first live meeting of Polish partners took place last Thursday in Braniewo and it was hosted by the City Hall with the Mayor, Mr. Tomaszek Sielicki.

The meeting was attended by representatives of all entities that are Polish partners in the project:

Braniewo City Hall, Municipal Waterworks Ltd., Gdansk University of Technology, Association of Polish Municipalities Euroregion Baltic. A total of 18 people took part in the meeting. Each of the partners presented the members of their teams with information on their responsibilities.

During the meeting, important issues for the partners were addressed. Due to the fact that several new people have joined the task stage, the basic information about the project, timeframe, overview of the scope of tasks and also the project consortium - who is responsible for what, further networking activities in terms of support with external experts, online pre-conference were discussed at the beginning. The main inaugural conference in Kalmar was also the subject of the meeting in Braniewo.

The essence of this meeting was also to prepare for the implementation of the pilots that will be carried out by the team of the Gdansk University of Technology in the City of Braniewo. Under this item, the scope of preparation for the pilot was discussed, the roles of the various partners for this task and the division of responsibilities, as well as the budget necessary for the implementation of the task. Also discussed were the responsibilities of all parties regarding communication and outreach activities, conducting the necessary promotion on websites and social media profiles, and other permitted forms of popularizing the works and their effects to a wide audience.

The talks also covered reporting in BAMOS+, the general rules to be followed, and payments and their forms.

The partners also exchanged contacts and after a few hours a working meeting was concluded.

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