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Creative Clusters - final conference, Szczecin 9-10.06.2022

The "Creative Clusters" is a multi-threaded project, but what it places particular emphasis on is included in its title - Creative Clusters. The aim of the project was to create cross-border cooperation between entities from creative industries in connection with local networks in order to support the potentials of these industries in the Baltic Sea area. Unfortunately, its last events took place last week. The final conference ended all activities of the 2.5-year project. During the end of the project, we could listen many interesting lectures, discussion panels, take part in creative workshops, learn to create new ideas, learn about the power of those who focus on creativity in their industries.

The event was organized by the Media Dizajn Association from Szczecin - the leader of the Creative Clusters project and the Marshal's Office of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

The final conference of the project was held on June 9-10, 2022 during a large event in Szczecin entitled "VI International Creative Design Plus Congress", but what is extremely interesting the event was also entered the Festival of European scope - New European Bauhaus. It is a great honor to be a part of it - we congratulate our partner!

Although the final conference of the project itself is an echo of the past, the effect of this events stays with us for longer. It is impossible to list all the outstanding people who performed during this solemn end of the project. All these people along with the subject of their speeches are creative beyond measure, please take a look:

Krzysztof Miruć - inaugural lecture - an inspiring lecture on the synergy of design, aesthetics and kitsch

- dr Natalia Marciniak-Madejska – Universal design as a new competence in business - about the fact that society has different needs in the designed objects

- Przemysław Kazanecki – Gardens of Śródmieście – about the tradition of the place

- Tomasz Swaczyna – About the idea of Metasy and NFT art– about modern graphic art

- Rafał Bajena – Audiovisual sector for the development of the region

- Marcin Makaj – Conscious design of independent computer games - inspiration for lovers

- Meike Ziegler – The power Creatuals – about the essence of creation

- Michał Mioduszewski – The energy of co-creation. Artistic events bordering on miracles - about the impossible becoming possible

- Iza Rutkowska - Community design based on the revitalization of "Backyards All Residents" - an idea that becomes a passion and a life challenge

- Nina Backman - A Million Trees to Finland – a project about developing free space

- Rene Holm - How companies can challenge employees and visitors - presentation of projects by a contemporary Danish artist

- Daniel Czapiewski - with a presentation entitled Did you know that Szczecin is developing IT solutions that are used by the whole of Poland, Europe and the world? Presentation of the largest and most innovative projects implemented by member companies of the IT Cluster and more

- dr hab Aurelia Mandziuk - Szczecin as an education laboratory, about the Academy of Art - the only such Academy in Poland

- Martin Q Larsson - Cross synergies of innovation

- Olga Kiedrowicz-Świtalska - Foonka - utility fabric - how the prototype became a brand

- Małgorzata Kowcun - Wasted Couture - about a niche in the fashion market - a creative view of fashion

The President of Szczecin was a special guest of the discussion panel on the Development of the creative sector, in which our Association could also present some ideas of creative solutions from the cooperation of traditional and creative industries.

The lecture closing the first day was a meeting with the Paprocki & Brzozowski duo, who took the participants on a journey to the world of fashion - not only clothing fashion - inspiring, teaching and encouraging to creative solutions.

On the second day (June 10), it was possible to take part in other events of the Creative Congress, which took place in the Scandinavian House, where we took part in workshops on innovative processes as well as practical workshops on weaving.

In another place in Szczecin, in INKU (Szczecin Cultural Incubator), you could take part in workshops with panelists from the first day and learn more about Art and NFT, or How to create your own mini-show, or learn about Creativity without limits and gain practical knowledge about the essence of design.

The Creative Congress are two inspiring days in which everyone could take part - which we encouraged on our website, writing about this event.

We would like to thank those people and institutions that were with us in Szczecin: Gallery El Art Center, Elposter - advertising agency, and Elbląg artist, Ms Ewa Bednarska-Siwilewicz. We know from their opinion that it was an extraordinary event for them, and they will certainly transfer the acquired knowledge to their professional field.

The trip and stay was financed under the Creative Clusters project, which received a grant from the South Baltic Interreg program.

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