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Consulting offer for the creative sector

As part of one of the activities of the South Baltic Creative Cluster project implemented as part of the Interreg South Baltic program, a specially tailored consulting offer for entrepreneurs from the creative sector was created. They can take part in online training, which is divided into four main areas:

I. discover

II. define

III. develop

IV. delivery

The creative industry is an emerging economic sector, and the value chain is important because it’s what makes it work. The creative industry encompasses many different professions, including advertising, design, architecture, marketing, photography, publishing and sound engineering. It’s an ever-growing area that includes any job that involves creativity for commercial purposes.

The course covers issues related to the value chain of creative industries, the process of creativity and creation, as well as the production and distribution of goods and services. Additionally, the course includes elements related to the methods of marketing and selling goods and services.

Interested persons are encouraged to participate in the free online training. More details and the course itself can be found on the page below.

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