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Braniewo - first Public Hearing under the GreenUp project

The first "public hearing" under the GreenUp project is behind us. Today, delegations from the Senate of the Republic of Poland Elementary School No. 3 in Braniewo, Braniewo Elementary School No. 5 in Braniewo, and Braniewo Jan Pawełl II Sports Elementary School No. 6 in Braniewo, presented the results of their work on project fiches to representatives of the authorities in Braniewo. Three project proposals were presented: "Young environmental leaders," "Braniewo Botanical Garden - A peaceful place eco Braniewo youth," and "SmileCRAFT - A game for a green future."

The problems raised by the youth were mainly: low environmental awareness of residents, due to which there are illegal landfills in the city and municipality (but also in the region) (in the municipality "garbage everywhere"); broader social inclusion and building involvement of residents in pro-environmental and environmental protection activities, including different age groups or social groups, and broader cooperation between different entities (schools, administration, NGOs, youth, companies); irrational management of resources - the formation of excessive amounts of waste which is associated with the problem of achieving the required recycling rates; disordered waste reacts physico-chemically and biochemically, it is an environment for the functioning of bacteria and viruses, which, through insects, rodents and birds, are transmitted to other organisms, including humans; contamination of vegetation through the soil and root system; in the vicinity of wild waste dumps, the entire vegetation cycle of plants is altered; waste stored in large quantities in heaps and wild dumps creates a fire and explosion hazard; burning of waste by residents of the municipality; Lack of recycling is a reduction in the efficiency of natural resource use; lack of knowledge of the exact amount of recyclable waste generated, which increases the cost of the waste collection and management system; reduction in the scenic and tourist value of the area surrounding the landfill; poor environmental condition and increased pressure on the environment.

The main goal of the first project presented was a clean city through the creation of the Braniewo eco-community based on the involvement, education, inclusion in action of youth and all residents. The main goal of the second project, presented by the youth to representatives of the local government in Braniewo, was to use the existing urban infrastructure and create an environmentally friendly, interactive place of recreation and environmental education in Braniewo for people of all ages and their pets by developing the grounds of the former city zoo and activating residents. While the main goal of the third project presented is: youth closer to the environment through gamification and play - promoting environmental education through gamification for children and young people using a smartphone application and including a manual of ecological skills that help in everyday ecological decision-making and teaching about sustainability and environmental protection.

Tomasz Sielicki Mayor of Braniewo signed a Letter of Intent - a pact for green change in the municipality of the city of Braniewo, in which he declares that together with representatives of the GreenUp project consortium, he will make every effort to ensure that the youth initiatives developed so far can become a reality in the future.

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