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Braniewo at the SferaLab workshop

We are acting as part of the GreenUp project. On 28 November, the Elbląg Technology Park welcomed another group of pupils invited to the SferaLab workshop. This time, pupils from the Ziemia Braniewska Primary School No. 5 in Braniewo participated in the innovative classes. Key topics related to ecology and environmental protection were presented both in the experimental and educational part and in the discussion part. As a reminder, the workshops, which allow participants to become more familiar with key topics related to ecology, encapsulate three main themes, viz: "CO2 - good or bad?", "Know your water footprint" and "The new life of waste". A total of nine thematic seminars will be held for 270 participants.

As early as next week, another group will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of ecological experiments, thus developing their knowledge, which can also inspire them to take action for sustainable development.

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