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Baltic Home in Oslo. Active Creative Project - Day 3

We concluded our visit to Oslo by attending the opening of the Baltic Home exhibition, organised by the Media Dizajn Association and International Development Norway, which took place on Friday evening, 12 January at Tenthaus. In the intimate spaces of the Tenthaus Art Collective, representatives of cultural institutions, diplomatic missions and private individuals, interested in learning more about our local applied art, gathered. Our guests from the "Światowid" European Meeting Centre in Elbląg, the EL Gallery Art Centre and Dzierzgoń Cultural Centre also had the opportunity to make interesting contacts from the Norwegian cultural sector, which we are very pleased about.

The exhibition will be hosted in Oslo until 19 January this year.

The exhibition is part of the Active Creative project to stimulate the spirit of cultural and creative entrepreneurship. The initiative, co-financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway from the EEA Funds under the 'Active Citizens - Regional Fund' programme, aims to strengthen business, cultural and entrepreneurial competences among representatives of the creative sector from both Poland and Norway.

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