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BaltiCE - cross-border workshops

A workshop was held at Gdansk University of Technology on Friday, 16/06/2023, as part of the Seed Money Project Baltic Circular Economy Lab – as a tool to save resources and mitigate the impacts of climate change – BaltiCE. The project aims to reduce the cost of utilities and reuse raw materials in a circular economy. The Polish partners would like to focus on the reuse of sand and salt spread in winter and the management and cost reduction of green waste.

the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic participated in the event as a potential partner in a regular project under the Interreg South Baltic Programme.

In the first part of the workshop, the project leader - Gdansk University of Technology, presented the assumptions and goals of the project and summarized the activities that the project partners have managed to develop so far. The second part focused on the main problems and challenges in the application, new partnerships, future project activities and potential pilot sites. A concept paper for the regular program was worked on and the topic of future funding from the Interreg South Baltic Program was also raised.

APC ERB proposed two Warmian-Masurian local governments - the Municipality of Stawiguda and the Municipality of Olsztynek - as future destinations for pilot investments. He also indicated the proposed project objective of the future application, viz: "reuse of raw materials for municipal and social purposes, in accordance with the elements of a circular economy," while pointing out the problems (among others: lack of exchange of experience and capacity building to support the improvement of policy instruments, or the high cost of municipal services and high consumption of raw materials considered non-renewable) and challenges (among others: supporting municipal entities in testing different tools, methods and strategies for municipal management, in order to increase its efficiency and profitability, or the search for innovative solutions for the use of non-renewable resources, representing a cost for management institutions) of the future project. Decisions on the selection of pilot sites will be made soon.

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