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Active Creative Project - photography workshop

The next training session of the Active Creative project is behind us. Last Saturday, a photography workshop was held, during which the participants were introduced to the knowledge of the most important photographic parameters for the creation of conscious photographs and learned about the practical side of the art of photography. The students also had the opportunity to listen to practical tips from the workshop leader, photographer Jolanta Olszewska, on what to pay attention to in order to take the optimum frame in difficult conditions and uninteresting surroundings. There was also an opportunity to take original photographs with the newly acquired knowledge under the guidance of the workshop leader, and to ask questions while doing so.

The four-hour workshop was full of valuable factual and practical tips, from which both the participants, for whom the adventure with photography is just beginning, and those who have already been successfully practising their passion for some time, learned. The meeting ended with the distribution of certificates.

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