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Active Creative - preparing an exhibition in Elbląg

As part of the Active Creative project, one of the activities is the preparation of an exhibition that will present young artists from Poland and Norway. The exhibitions organized in Elbląg and Oslo will be prepared in close cooperation with the Academy of Art in Szczecin and the Media Dizajn Association. One of three such exhibitions took place in Szczecin last November. The exhibition in Elbląg will also concern the decoration of the Baltic Home, which is why it was necessary to meet the representatives of Media Dizajn with the Director and employees of the El Gallery in Elbląg.

During the meeting, it was possible to discuss technical and planning issues related to the exhibition. For the first time, representatives of Media Dizajn had the opportunity to visit Galeria El. This gave them a broader picture of the space they had to deal with during the process of planning the arrangement of the exhibits.

The exhibition in Elbląg is scheduled for the period from August 25th to September 3rd 2023. We invite everyone interested both to the opening of the first day and throughout the duration of the exhibition

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