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Active Creative - international promotion

The annual Elbląg Bread Festival celebrations took place in Elbląg last weekend. On this occasion, the Municipality and City of Elbląg pursued an important aspect of its policy on international cooperation. Foreign representatives from partner cities were invited. The Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic actively participated in the implementation and activation of cross-border regional cooperation at the level of cities and municipalities from European countries. During both official and behind-the-scenes meetings, we promoted the currently implemented project Active Active Creative - Stimulating the spirit of cultural and creative entrepreneurship. It was an excellent opportunity to promote the project internationally.

Active Creative - Stimulating the spirit of the cultural and creative entrepreneurship

The Active Creative Project - stimulating the spirit of cultural and creative entrepreneurship, aims to improve business and entrepreneurial competences among representatives of the creative sector from Poland and Norway, internationalize their achievements, build a cooperation network, and create favorable conditions for the creation and development of creative sector organizations. When preparing the project concept, the bidders were guided by the goals and needs defined in national and EU strategies as well as consultations conducted with organizations operating in the creative sector as well as existing business and academic partners and the administration.

You can read more about the project by clicking on the link below:

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