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Public Hearing in the Nowe Miasto Lubawskie

Another Public Hearing is behind us. We met today in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie to carry out an important task within the GreenUp project. The effects of their work to date on ecological project ideas were presented to the authorities of New Lubawski City today by delegations from schools John Paul II Elementary School No. 1 in New Town Lubawski, Janusz Korczak Elementary School No. 2 in New Town Lubawski and New Town Philomats Elementary School No. 3. The first project concept, entitled "Cycling for Health", set as its main objective increasing physical activity among residents and tourists and pro-ecological solutions limiting the negative impact of man on nature; the second, entitled "Ecommunity", set as its main objective increasing the involvement of young people in ecological activities and changing attitudes to pro-ecology, through workshops and education on nature; while in the third - "Ready for a Green Start?!" the main objective is to increase the activity of city residents through their activation to improve living conditions and environmental well-being. All concepts met with a favorable response from city officials. As in Braniewo, the Letter of Intent, which is a "Pact for Green Change in the Municipality of the City of Nowe Miasto Lubawskie," was signed today. The next and final Public Hearing will be held this Thursday in Dzierzgoń.

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