Informacje z Euroregionu Bałtyk

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Meeting with the representatives of the Miłakowo municipality

Our Association has been supporting member municipalities for years in their efforts towards international and local government cooperation, focusing primarily on project initiatives. At the same time, we are committed to supporting an ever-growing group of members. Thus, we are extremely pleased that another municipality is interested in joining our ranks. Yesterday, at the Miłakowo City Hall, a fruitful meeting took place between representatives of APC ERB and Krzysztof Szulborski, the Mayor of Miłakowo, along with other city officials. The main topic of the meeting was discussions about potential investments and initiatives in the Miłakowo municipality that could be realized with the support of APC Euroregion Bałtyk. We cordially invite the Miłakowo municipality to join the APC ERB membership.

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