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Gronowo Elbląskie commune a new member of STG ERB

We are pleased to announce that we will soon welcome a new member to the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic - Gronowo Elbląskie commune.

Today we had the pleasure of hosting in the headquarters of our Association, the head of Gronowo Elbląskie commune, Marcin Ślęzak, with whom we discussed joint initiatives and international activities. We hope that the municipality's membership will be approved at the next meeting of the decision-making bodies.

The municipality of Gronowo Elbląskie is located in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship, Elbląski County. The area of the commune is 89 km2, and includes 14 village of the Elbląg Żuławy region.
A number of historical monuments have been preserved in the commune, which include old Mennonite cemeteries, arcaded houses from the 18th century, historic churches and manor houses, a drawbridge, and a steam pump station from the 19th century.

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