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Active Creative - Photography workshop

We would like to invite everyone interested to a free photography workshop, which will be held this Saturday from 12.00 to 16.00 at the Old Town Hall. The workshop is dedicated both to beginners, who want to learn the basics of framing and choosing the right composition, and photography enthusiasts, who are looking for new solutions and a fresh look at the practical dimension in their approach to creating photographs. Participants will gain a basic knowledge of how to consciously compose frames and take interesting photos in uninteresting conditions, whether they are using a smartphone or a DSLR or any other medium for capturing images.

Places are limited - applications are expected by calling 515 871 992 or via email:


Workshop programme:

  1. brief introduction - welcome session, discussion of the workshop programme
  2. introduction to the importance of photography, its physical construction and understanding the principles of the image registration mechanism
  3. indication of the most important parameters when working consciously with light, time and exposure
  4. practical tips for indoor photography, outdoor photography, event photography and setting up the model for the photo, the golden rule and other composition techniques. Framing a photo and choosing creative perspectives
  5. Practical tips on how not to shoot and what to look for to take the optimum frame in difficult conditions and uninteresting surroundings - 20 minutes
  6. Questions and answers

Coffee break

  1. practical dimension of photography - taking author's photos taking into account the newly acquired knowledge under the supervision of the workshop leader, questions and instructions will be given during the task
  2. discussion of results
  3. basics of photo post-production and post-image processing, including presentation of a list of downloadable mobile applications for image processing and the best programs for developing RAW files - practical demonstration of editing
  4. questions and answers
  5. presentation of certificates of participation
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