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"A captivating speaker" training as part of the Active Creative project.

Whether we are presenting a project, hosting a cultural event or giving a toast at a family party, public speaking is an everyday occurrence. There are those of us who are comfortable with a microphone, but there are also those for whom public speaking is a major stressor.

So how do you become a speaker who captivates your audience? And how do we use our potential so that public presentations give us great satisfaction and take our audience where we want them to go? This can be learned.

That is why we invite you to the "Captivating Speaker" workshop.

You will have the opportunity to learn how to:

  • how to plan and prepare a powerful and effective listener-oriented presentation
  • tools to help you make your speech emotionally engaging for your audience
  • Effective argumentation while speaking
  • how to be a natural presenter while using a range of presentation styles
  • how to work with the voice and the stage space during public speeches
  • Dealing with stage fright - I promise a few hints
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