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50th General Meeting and Board Meeting of the 8th term

A very important event in our Association took place yesterday - the 50th General Meeting of Members of the Association of Polish Municipalities Euroregion Baltic, where a new composition of the STG ERB Board was appointed, with the Mayor of Elbląg, Michał Missan, as Chairman.

The new Board consisted of: the aforementioned Michał Missan, as Chairman, followed by Joanna Zielińska from the City of Gdynia as 1st Vice-Chairman, Tomasz Sielicki, Mayor of the City of Braniewo, as 2nd Vice-Chairman of the Board, and Board members in the persons of: Robert Szewczyk, Mayor of the City of Olsztyn, Piotr Borawski, Vice-Mayor of the City of Gdańsk, Hanna Pruchniewska, Mayor of the City of Puck, Michał Kontraktowicz, Head of the Municipality of Stawiguda, Marek Charzewski, Mayor of Malbork and Jacek Kosmala, Mayor of Nidzica.

Meanwhile, the newly elected Board of the Association had its first meeting. During the event, the legal and financial status of the STG ERB to date and the current activities and challenges were presented. The members also discussed the Association's future activities related to the acquisition of EU projects. New directions of our Association's activities for the next 2 years were also presented.

You can read about the new directions of the Association by clicking on the link:

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