The ENGAGE! project helps the internationalisation processes of organisations

An intensive 2 months of supporting various actors in building international partnerships are behind us. The deadline for submitting projects within the Interreg South Baltic Seed Money programme ended yesterday. This is a competition that allows you to win seed funding of €40,000 to develop cooperation with foreign partners in the South Baltic area.

Organisations that approached us as part of the International Cooperation Advice Bureau operating under the ENGAGE project received comprehensive support. A thorough project analysis took place, we verified needs, defined the profile of foreign partners and proceeded to build. That, in a nutshell, was the work of developing seed project proposals.

In the end, 6 applications were submitted and in each there is a present organisation working with the advice bureau and these are:

- Stowarzyszenie Inicjatywa Miasto is present in 3 projects of different themes

- Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Rozwoju Spółdzielczości i Przedsiębiorczości Lokalnej WAMA-COOP

- Centrum Spotkań Europejskich Światowid

- Stowarzyszenie Media Dizajn is present in 2 projects of different themes

- Stowarzyszenie gmin "Polskie zamki gotyckie"

- Niepubliczna Placówka Oświatowo-Wychowawcza Akademia Sportów Wodnych "Grupa" Marcin Trudnowski

The results of the call will be known in February 2023.

We wish all the beneficieries of the ENGAGE! project to receive funding and implement their projects!

SZTUM CIRCULAR ECONOMY - networking with international and national specialists, 8-9.12.2022, Olsztyn

Ladies and Gentlemen The President of the Euroregion Baltic, Mr. Gustaw Marek Brzezin and the partners of the ARTUM CIRCULAR ECONOMY (SCE) project would like to invite you to the ANNUAL FORUM OF INTEREST OF THE BALTIC EUROREGION, which will be held on 8 December this year in Olsztyn. Experts and representatives of local authorities from Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden have announced their participation in this event.

The event will be held within the framework of the SCE action entitled 'Building political anchorage in the Baltic Sea area for actions based on the use of GOZ processes to mitigate the negative effects of climate change'.

If you are interested:


Venue: OMEGA Hotel, 4a Sielska Street, Olsztyn

Meeting times: 8 December 2022 (ANNUAL FORUM), 9 December 2022 (project meetings) - final agenda coming soon

Participation: Open admission - pre-registration required REGISTRATION LINK

This action takes advantage of the opportunities offered by the Euroregion Baltic's international network - bringing together regions from Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania - combined with the organisation of a conference section dedicated to GOZ and climate change adaptation (including blue and green growth) and joint dialogue, and the possibility to create new project initiatives.

The ANNUAL FORUM is one of three international meetings of the SCE project, which aims to strive to strengthen the processes of internationalisation of activities and cross-sectoral dialogue in the Baltic Sea area in the field of GOZ.

CIRCULAR ECONOMY TASK FORCE - start 14.11.2022, Elbląg

One of the most important events of the "Sztum Circular Economy" project will take place in Elblag on November 14 - the establishment of a Task Force for Climate Change Mitigation and the development of green and blue initiatives in northern Poland, the so-called "Circular Economy Task Force." Established at the Association of Polish Municipalities Euroregion Baltic, the group of experts and specialists will be supported by: Gdańsk University of Technology, International Development Norway, the City and Municipality of Sztum and the Elblag Technology Park.

The event, initiated and coordinated by our Association, is an activity aimed not only at activating local governments of the Warmian-Masurian and Pomeranian Voivodeships, bringing together local experts and specialists, but also at creating an open platform for the development of new initiatives and exchange of good practices as a response to contemporary climate challenges.

We encourage you to save the date of 14.11.2022 today and participate in this important meeting for the future of blue and green growth of our regions and local communities to inaugurate this initiative, which is interdisciplinary in nature and is expected to contribute to a comprehensive approach aimed at solving common challenges.

Meeting place: ELBLĄG, Stary Rynek 25 Street, STAROMIEJSKI OLD TOWN HALL

Meeting time: November 14th (Monday) - start 9:30 am - 4:40 pm CET

Participation: Open admission - pre-registration required REGISTRATION LINK

We count on the most active participation in this platform of cooperation of all those interested in the development of interdisciplinary cooperation and the emergence of new initiatives combining the sphere of "soft" activities: education, information, activation with "hard" activities: infrastructure, pilot and demonstration activities.

The conference is:

Our efforts are made possible by the opportunities guaranteed by the project "Sztum Circular Economy - a response to today's climate challenges (SCE) implemented under the funds of the EEA Financial Mechanism (Environment, Energy and Climate Change Program and funds of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021) , which will enable us to develop this initiative and involve Norwegian partners!


OBJECTIVES OF THE GROUP: is primarily the development and support of local and regional initiatives aimed at mitigating and counteracting the negative effects of climate change, as well as the exchange of good practices on green and blue initiatives. The Working Group is not only a meeting of experts, but above all work through workshops, panel discussions, support events, which as a consequence are expected to lead to the development and implementation of specific projects beneficial to the society of the regions of northern Poland."

FORM OF OPERATION: Informal networking operating on the basis of dedicated events - physical and online meetings (at least two per year), with an open and cost-free character

TIME FRAMEWORK: JUNE 2022 - MARCH 2024, later a decision on possible extension of the group's activities.

FINANCING: During the period of implementation of the SCE project from the budget of the partner of the Association of Municipalities of the Republic of Poland Euroregion Baltic (funds secured - funding level of 80%), after the end of the project from the Association's own sources and funds raised from new initiatives produced.

We invite you to participate in this event:

The participants themselves will create tasks and further decide the future of the Group! Every vote, every opinion will be important to us!

The event directly supports the implementation of the activities of the Shtum Circular Economy (SCE) project in terms of activities:

We will invite foreign partners to the next stages of work as early as December 8, 2022, and they will be:



GREEN UP - youth for green change... Elbląg, 18-19.10.2022

A project entitled "GREEN UP - Youth for green change in schools and communities" has been launched in Elblag's Old Town Hall during two-days confeence.
This valuable initiative is the result of months of work by a project team headed by the WAMA-COOP Association in partnership with the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic, Elblag Technology Park and FONIX A.S. partner from Norway. Such a strong combination of entities can give a lot of good - knowledge, diagnosis, solutions where it is most needed, at the level of local government, province, schools and residents. The project involves 3 local government units and 9 educational institutions and their work will be on pro-environmental measures.

The conference on the first day was attended by representatives of local governments and schools of Dzierzgon, Braniewo, Elbląg, Gietrzwałd, Olsztynek, Nowe Miasto Elbląskie and a strong representation of the Marshal's Office of the Warmia Mazury Voivodeship. Our distinguished guests were welcomed by the host of the city of Elblag in the person of Deputy Mayor Mr. Artur Zielinski and also by the President of WAMA-COOP, Mr. Dariusz Węgierski.

Project leader and also coordinator of this project, Mateusz Dobkowski of WAMA-COOP presented key issues and steps to achieve the goal, which is to actually solve problems in the field of green and blue growth, which should start with the young but already aware generation. The pro-environmental activities of the GREEN UP project will be aimed at: involvement of various communities; internationalization of activities to learn best practices; participation of schools in living laboratories for pro-environmental education; creation of new solutions; creation of a regional platform for cooperation and multi-stakeholder dialogue for the benefit of local communities and environmental protection; development of a long-term ecological strategy.

At the meeting, very relevant information resounded, which concerned the acquisition of specific knowledge and experience, which in the context of the future of youth showed topics worth pursuing. An example of which was a presentation by the Mayor of Olsztynek, Mr. Robert Waraksa on youth initiatives as a stimulation of social development of municipalities. The GREEN UP project is also an opportunity to get to know the communities of Youth Councils operating in municipalities as a support for those newly created.

In this project, schoolchildren with the support of relevant educators will expand their knowledge of climate change. - With this project we are also part of the European Commission's recognition of 2022 as the European Year of Youth," said Marcin Żuchowski, Director of the Secretariat of the Association of Polish Municipalities Euroregion Baltic. In his presentation, he also mentioned the European Youth Goals, which are contained in the slogan "engage, connect, empower," as it is necessary to meet all these elements.

The conference is not just about presentations and gaining theoretical knowledge. There was time for concrete knowledge during the workshops, which showed the process of climate change in an innovative way. The workshop titled Climate Mosaic was conducted by representatives of the Gdansk University of Technology, Prof. Magdalena Gajewska, and Magda Kasprzyk, Dr Eng.

The second day of the conference was mainly a partner meeting, which was devoted to discussing the tasks for the upcoming period of each partner.

What lies ahead in the GREEN UP project:

  1. Diagnostic meetings in municipalities
  2. Methodological meetings in schools
  3. Local study visits to green economy entities
  4. Interactive environmental education workshops entitled SferaLab - conducted by ETP
  5. Innovative international workshops in Norway
  6. Development of youth initiatives - roundtables
  7. Public hearings and presentation of the Book of Good Practices
  8. Final conference

We would like to thank everyone who came to the GREEN UP kick-off conference!

9th edition of the conference "Open to Scandinavia", Elblag, October 13, 2022

The 9th edition of the "Open to Scandinavia" conference will start soon in the Old Town Hall in Elblag, on October 13 at 10:00 am. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, local government units and business environment institutions from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, as well as the Warmia and Mazury region.

Its purpose is to dynamize the region's economic ties with Scandinavian markets and to present Warmia and Mazury as a natural economic partner for Scandinavian countries, as well as to present the investment potential and export opportunities of our region.

Can't meet with us in Elblag? Nothing lost - join online! A link to the conference broadcast will be sent to registered participants.

The organizers of the event are: Local Government of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship and the City of Elblag. The Embassy of Finland, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark and the Embassy of Sweden have assumed honorary patronage of the conference. Media patrons of the event are Gazeta Olsztyńska, Dziennik Elbląski, Truso TV and the web portal.

The event "Open to Scandinavia" is implemented as part of the project "Economic Promotion of Warmia and Mazury 2020+" co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Program of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship 2014-2020.


CREATIVE WAVES - how was the work of partners looked like

Find out how was the work of the Creative Waves partners looked like, a project aimed at supporting socially vulnerable groups, looked like. Whether they are in fact vulnerable, find out what good a home-based artist can do. Popularizing folk embroidery in everyday clothing and household items is their specialty.

The project has received support from the Council of Baltic Sea States Fund.

The project “Creative Waves – Baltic Sisterhood for Change”, a cooperation between Intercult from Sweden, Euroregion Baltic and Baltic Sea Cultural Centre from Poland, Estonian Women’s Studies and Resource Centre (ENUT), and activists from Kaliningrad Oblast, has come to an end. With this project, we empowered women in the Baltic Sea Region by meeting traditional crafts, local traditions and customs etc. with the digital modern world and its demands for change.

The project final powerful event was in Gdansk, 25 – 27 September in Baltic Sea Cultural Centre and partially online. “Talks to Empower” was a three-day series of meetings and accompanying events: presentations, shows and workshops that took place at the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdańsk (we encouraged you to participate here). The programme was amazingly rich with lectures, workshops and panels from international experts – inspiring women.

The event kicked-off in Miasto Gdańsk with some amazingly inspiring warm-up micro-workshops, shows & discussion with artists and craftswomen from Pomorskie, Województwo Warmińsko Mazurskie and Sweden.

Was discussed female entrepreneurship and the importance of building supportive environments. The project has built a sense of identity and belonging, and it is hoped that this is the beginning of a larger movement to empower women in local communities and the Baltic Sea region more broadly!

During the "Talks to Empower" with guests from four countries in the Baltic Region, discussions included women's entrepreneurship and the importance of building supportive communities. The guests focused on the practical aspects of turning passion into a profession, and considered how to use "sisterhood," empathy and solidarity to strengthen society. Traditionally women's activities (e.g., embroidery, jewelry making, herbalism) and their role in community building will serve as a starting point for future meetings.

There is a chance for the similar projects in the future!