Engage Project Kick-off Conference! - 19/04/2021

Engage Project Kick-off Conference! - 19/04/2021
Dear Sir or Madam,
we are happy to announce that today, April 19, 2021, we held a e-conference initiating the operation of the new Engage project! As part of it, together with the leader from BISER and partners from Norway, we will promote and enable the inclusion of local stakeholders in international cooperation of Baltic NGOs - especially from the area of our member self-governments. The project is implemented with a grant from the Active Citizens - National Fund program, financed by the EEA Funds.

The Baltic Institute of European and Regional Affairs BISER (https://biser.org.pl/) together with our Association and a Norwegian partner from the South Norway European Office for the next 27 months will implement a number of activities for NGOs from Pomerania and Warmia and Mazury, which have and want to share their contacts and ideas for the development of new initiatives, or plan international activities with partners from Norway, Iceland and other Baltic states.

According to today's meeting, during which we discussed the most important project issues, including future activities, the schedule for their implementation and forms of cooperation, we will start internationalization activities focused on new international initiatives based on your local ideas and needs!

During the project, we will help local organizations to overcome barriers to entry and activities in project consortia by:
- transforming ideas and needs into specific design applications providing solutions to dedicated problems (assistance in concretizing projects);
- familiarizing beneficiaries with the forms of support through jurisprudence on possible forms of support and co-financing of project activities;
- substantive and training support provided to new applicants (from an idea to a project!);
- acquiring specialized partners and associates in the country and abroad and enabling direct contacts.

We can already announce that in June we are planning the first project activities - which will be an initial conference for all interested beneficiaries and project workshops:

  • Action 1 - Conference opening and inaugurating the project promoting the idea of ​​international cooperation with partners from the European Economic Area and the Baltic Sea Region in Elbląg. On the occasion of the meeting, a media briefing on the resources of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (the so-called Norway Grants and EEA Grants) 2014-2021 will be organized.
  • Action 2 - 8 workshops in Poland for representatives of min. 30 non-governmental organizations focused on NGO representatives from peripheral towns of Pomerania and Warmia and Mazury interested in transnational cooperation.

More details coming soon!

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