SB Nudging - National workshop to identify how polish municipalities want to work with nudging in regular project

As part of the activity related to the organization of the national workshop and individual consultations, on 7 July 2022 took place meeting with the future partner of the regular project from the City of Malbork. During the brainstorming session and joint talks, the ideas of Malbork's representatives and additional ideas and possibilities of activities in the project were presented by the Association's representatives who were after the meeting with the partners of the seed money project.

Actions proposed by the City of Malbork:

1. Analysis of the type of garbage - research. Study visits of representatives of the authorities and people responsible for sorting rubbish in Malbork

2. Collecting plastic by residents and schools (processing into installations and furniture printed in 3D)

3. Conducting classes for children in schools and association research

4. Segregation of garbage in public places based on intuitive garbage cans printed from plastic using the 3D method

5. Changing the city's policy to be more "eco"

6. Notifications about organized actions in the "Blisko" application

7. Challenge actions to encourage residents

The city of Malbork in the SB Nudging project will try to operate in the area of ​​culture as well as tourist and bicycle paths. It is a proposal of both the Association and the City of Malbork to combine these two sectors, which in the case of the city can be combined.

SB Nudging - workshop in Sweden 22-23.06.22

On June 22 and 23, 2022, we had a physical workshop and project partner meeting which took place in Sweden.

During two fruitful days, the partners of the SB Nudging project implemented under the Interreg South Baltic program had the opportunity to develop activities for the main project application jointly. Apart from the Association's representatives, the workshop was attended by representatives of the city of Malbork, who are interested in the topic of Nudging and would like to use the help of partners to introduce it to their city.

During the workshop, many interesting ideas were created that will be included in the future design application. Among other things, as part of the project, we want to:

- make urban space more attractive and pro-ecological

- reward people involved in positive change for their efforts

- identify residents and visitors territorially within a given place

- encourage people to reduce littering in the city during the season (double the amount of rubbish in and outside the rubbish bins)

- persuade people to clean up after themselves, animals and pets

- persuade people to segregate rubbish intuitively

The project will consist of full partners and associate partners from groups such as:

- Municipal and Housing Company

- Tourist Information Point

- Local schools

- Youth councils

- Local Businesses - Other self-goverments

We thank the project leader for organizing the EU-kontor Skåne Nordost workshop. Among the partners who took part in the meeting were:

SB NUDGING - sixth project consortium meeting, online, 20.06.2022

On 20.06.2022 the sixth SB Nudging project consortium meeting dedicated to the development of the future major application within the regular call of the new perspective of the Interreg South Baltic programme 2021-2027 took place.

The main theme of the meeting was to prepare the methodological part of the future concept and to jointly work out an easy to understand and communicate project definition, which will serve as a guideline for the planning of the next activities and prepared workshops in Sweden 22.06-23.06). It is very important, because apart from NGOs the future application will be created mainly by local government units from 4 countries, which will be the implementers of both planned soft activities and pilot activities including infrastructure. Without proper understanding of the project premises, it will not be possible to design it properly.

In the context of the project, the method itself is innovative, as it refers to inducing pro-ecological and pro-environmental behaviour with the use of widely understood sociological and behavioural methods based on incentives and not, as it was previously practiced in the local perspective, on prescriptive or prohibitive systems.

Nudging was introduced in 2008 by Richard Thaler and Cass Sustein and defined as "any aspect of choice architecture that changes people's behaviour in a predictable way without prohibiting any options or significantly altering economic incentives. To count as a mere stimulus, the intervention must be easy and cheap to avoid. Nudging are not prescriptive. Richard Thaler, won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his contribution to nudge development to change public behaviour. Nudging is an approach that changes people's behaviour by changing the decision-making environment to influence people's decisions when deciding to act. Its implementation must be easy, cheap and optional (Thaler and Sustein, 2008). Pushing influences people's choice of action without limiting their options or enforcing rules and regulations. Instead, it guides people in a desired direction when making decisions by creating cues in the environment (Weßel et al., 2019).

The meeting also discussed the need to develop joint future activities based on local needs and challenges, examples of inspiration were provided and will be presented during the workshop in Sweden. The participants were reminded of the agenda of the meeting, the need to prepare a presentation of each case study site, prior consultations with the local government units involved. The aim of which will be to create a unified concept that can be extended through joint work.

Meeting of SB Nudging project partners - online

On Friday, June 10th 2022, another working meeting of the SB Nudging project partners took place.

The SB Nudging project aims to educate people through the use of a nudging tool that can be described as "pushing" / "encouraging" people to make changes. By doing so, it is possible to reduce the amount of waste and litter in tourist destinations and make them more environmentally sustainable. Tourists and visitors need to understand the importance of the environment and be more aware of the sustainable environment.

The meeting was attended by partners from Sweden (Skane Nordost), Poland (Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic and Gdynia Sports Center), Germany (EUCC - The Coastal Union Germany) and Lithuania (Public Institution Rietavas Tourism and Business Information Center).

The following topics were covered:

  1. Participants of international workshops
  2. The program of international workshops
  3. Affiliate agreement and signatures

The purpose of the physical meeting in Kristianstad (Sweden) will be to prepare the so-called concept paper document. During the joint workshop, the partners together with potential future project partners will work on the overall future of the extended concept. In addition, each participant will have the opportunity to get to know individual organizations.

SB Nudging Project - important partner meeting - 23.05.2022

During today's online meeting, the SB Nudging project consortium (Polish-Lithuanian-German led by partners from Sweden) focused mainly on planning and had the opportunity to discuss the agenda of the upcoming workshop for future coalition partners in June in Kristianstad, Sweden.

It will be an open meeting and will be held on June 22-23 for all types of interested beneficiaries who would like to test and implement nudging activities in their local environment (including residents, tourists, environmental specialists) aiming to reduce the amount of arising and commonly flooding our areas trash in the Baltic Sea areas (especially in high season).

As part of this event, participants will create the foundations for a new project proposal aimed at introducing Nudging / Demonstrating a "push tool" in sensitive areas, determining its effectiveness as a complementary / alternative method to the existing environmental and ecological awareness activities. The aim will also be to develop a site-specific nugding strategy in sensitive areas.


Definition of nudging: the power of persuasion - the use of behavioral economics and architecture of choice in local government environmental policy.

How to understand it? Nudging is increasing the influence on behavior and choosing the easiest cognitive path for the participant, in this case forcing specific pro-environmental and pro-ecological behavior. It is a way of building an incentive for a person subject to its influence based on developed systems of incentives and persuasion. Nudging / Poking takes away the decision and influences the subconscious correct choices. It can be a trick, a game or a challenge depending on the form chosen. Contrary to awareness-raising campaigns focused on information or knowledge, here we are dealing rather with subconsciously persuading the target group to behave in a specific way. The brain does not have to think, it has to act in a targeted manner, ensuring better results of actions aimed at reducing the amount of rubbish and cluttering the given locations.


Looking at the possibilities of partners, we can divide into 2 or 3 main categories to which we are looking for partners in the country and abroad:

• Coastal areas - Beaches (including: tourist offices, waste management companies, sports centers, municipalities, tourism and food business)

• Nature - Main inland areas: forest areas, ecologically valuable areas, i.e. lakes, rivers, uplands, trails, bicycle and bicycle paths (including: waste management companies, local authorities, tourist offices, local NGO dealing with environmental protection and forest management, such as parks, forests)

• Culture - public roots, historical and cultural attractions) - (including local authorities, museums, community centers, open-air museums, historical institutions, tourism and the food industry)

If you are interested in the project - please contact the Association's office to discuss the details!

The activities of the SB Nudging project are in full swing!

We have started the implementation of the project entitled SB Nudging - Nudging in the South Baltic Region ", led by Sweden (EU-office Skåne Northeast) in partnership with the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Bałtyk, Gdynia Sports Center, Public Institution Rietavas Tourism and Business Information Center (Lithuania) and EUCC - The Coastal Union Germany (Germany). The project is financed within the South Baltic seed money program. The issue of the project is maintaining cleanliness in places visited by people.

Common littering is an affliction of many countries and this aspect will be tackled in this project by attempting to change behavior in society through interesting behavioral techniques. At the last meeting, which took place on May 9 this year. online, all partners presented the most pressing issues in the area of litter pollution.

Looking at the partners' capabilities, we can distinguish 2 or 3 main areas most exposed to pollution:

The SB Nudging project is primarily the introduction of an innovative method / Demonstration of tools in sensitive areas / Determination of the effectiveness of the method in selected areas / Development of a method strategy in sensitive areas / testing small pilot investments.

The next steps will guide the partners towards the creation of a large project application submitted in autumn within the Interreg South Baltic program – regular call.

Interesting activities ahead of us and important social challenges!