Today (29.06.2022) was the last meeting of the Indigise project consortium implemented with the funds of the Erasmus+ online project, and unfortunately, it was the last farewell meeting of the participants because on 30 June 2022 the project comes to an end, and with it more than two years of work of social and scientific organizations for the promotion of social entrepreneurship in the youth sector through digital and informal educational tools.

During the meeting, the partner team from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Norway summarized all achieved main project milestones and among the topics discussed were

1. reports on the implementation of the project intellectual indicators IO1-IO2-IO3 

2. informational promotional events for local youth

3. responsibilities and deadlines for the preparation of the final report

The conference also shared individual impressions of the project's most important value of being able to implement InnoCamps, which were a key part of the proposal. They were pilot initiatives for both Lithuania and Norway, which - once tested - were described in detail and made available to other stakeholders (teachers, experts, youth workers, NGOs, etc.) across Europe, who received a complete Handbook with a step-by-step guide on what to do to prepare a similar InnoCamp in their country/organisation.

The end of the project does not mean the end of the: Platform, which can still be used and developed and serve as an approach to self-learning in local languages throughout the Baltic Sea Region. It will continue to support self-learning for young learners as a continuation of innovation;

We encourage you to visit it, as the platform includes a database of social enterprises in the Baltic Sea Area and a calendar of events, making it a unique and distinctive source of networking and information exchange!

We will try to continue this initiative in future projects!


Today (13/06/2022) there was another online meeting of the members of the Indigise project consortium dedicated to promoting social entrepreneurship in the youth sector using digital and informal educational tools, which we implement from the Erasmus + program

It was another in a series of e-reporting meetings of the Polish-Lithuanian-Latvian-Norwegian consortium, during which we were able to exchange experiences and comments from universities, non-governmental organizations, and professionals from the social business network from the provided and organized dedicated youth-oriented events, innovative educational tools that have aimed at the development of entrepreneurial competences in the field of social economy and the involvement of young people in it.

During the meeting, we focused on the most important management issues of the project, including:

1. Organization of the final meeting of the project partners in Poland

2. Review of performance indicators and major milestones of the project

3. Exchange of information on the course of dissemination events in each country

4. Preparation for the final report

5. Further development of the project theme under subsequent initiatives

 From the point of view of the project partners, the most pleasing is the young people's involvement in project activities - both Youth Camp in Klaipeda (May 9-11, 2022) and workshops in Elbląg (06/06/2022, 06/13/2022 in Norway) as well as future events in Latvia and Lithuania, which is evidenced by with high social activity and the will to act of the young generation.

Although the project is nearing its final stage, it is worth continuing this idea and, based on the aids produced, expanding its effects by further cooperation on a micro and macro scale.


June 6th, 2022, the Young Generation Dialogue Forum was held in Elbląg with the participation of over 30 people - representatives of Youth Councils together with guardians, who operate in the member self-governments of the Association from: Elbląg, Malbork, Nowe Miasto Lubawskie and Dzierzgoń.

The organizer of the event was the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Bałtyk.

The aim of this event was to integrate the community of Youth Local Government Councils, exchange experiences, search for inspiration for youth activities for the benefit of young people, and establish cooperation with Youth Councils.

Along with the agenda of the Forum, participants received from the organizers handbooks created under the INDIGISE project, covered by the IO2 action "Manual - how to stimulate social entrepreneurship using non-formal and informal learning methods", and also covered by the IO3 action "Social Enterpreneurship Methodology Handbook".

The official opening was made by Marcin Żuchowski, Director of the Secretariat of the Association, who introduced participants to the activities of the Youth Councils, their activities, directions of activities, at the same time asking the participants to introduce themselves to get to know each other better. Then Adrianna Gniado-Turkowska presented the assumptions of the INDIGISE project, sources of financing, project partnership, activities carried out in Poland, and in other countries and also with Polish and foreign partners. This statement was complemented by the presentation of the candidate for a member of the Youth Board of the Euroregion Baltic, Dawid Jędrzejewski, about the participation of young representatives of the Councils in the action entitled "Social entrepreneurship camp", held in Klaipeda on May 9-11, 2022, and then on May 13-14, online. He also discussed a website about social entrepreneurship aimed at serving young people, which was created within another project and is being developed as part of INDIGISE.

The guest of the Forum was Ms Joanna Glezman, Head of the Department for Social Dialogue and Public Benefit of the Marshal's Office of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship, together with Ms Maja Świtkowska from the same Department.

Ms Joanna Glezman introduced the participants to many interesting initiatives and projects undertakenby the Warmia and Mazury Voivodship for the benefit of young people since 2015, e.g. subsidies "Local system of supporting youth initiatives" or " We act for the benefit of local communities", the assumption of which is to create and strengthen conditions for the development of creative potential, civic activity and competences of young people, developing intergenerational cooperation, building local coalitions and partnerships, supporting initiatives developed by young people. In her presentation, Ms Joanna Glezman also discussed projects for young people, indicated the most active localities, discussed the assumptions of the working group established by a Resolution of the Board of the Warmia and Masury Voivodeship "Strengthening the creative potential, civic activity and social competences of young people", and many other initiatives for young people, such as the annual Youth Forum of Warmia and Mazury, during which the problems faced by young people and their needs are discussed. The next Youth Forum of Warmia and Mazury will be held on June 10, 2022, to which the participants of the Elbląg Forum were invited by the Manager.

The Young Generation Dialogue Forum was combined with thematic workshops aimed at shaping innovative, entrepreneurial and participatory attitudes and thinking of young people. This part also included a discussion panel on the needs of young people, the environment in which they live, their social activity, and setting directions for action. The entire part was conducted by the CIVIS POLONUS Foundation from Warsaw. Forum participants also had the opportunity to see the good practices of the activities of Youth Councils, Towns and Poviats from various parts of Poland, presented by the Foundation, as initiatives or projects that changed the community. Some of these initiatives live online as podcasts, and you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want.

The guardians of the Youth Councils had a separate meeting with the Association's team led by Marcin Żuchowski, Director of the Secretariat. He presented several youth-related project initiatives that he discussed with participants, inviting them to jointly discuss the concept of project proposals, including goals, activities, etc.

The FORUM ended with a summary and, at the same time, an invitation to cooperate within initiatives presented by Dawid Markun, a representative of the Youth Council of the Baltic Euroregion.

FORUM FOR DIALOGUE OF THE YOUNG GENERATION - an event of the INDIGISE project - Elbląg - 06.06.2022

On June 6, 2022, the FORUM FOR DIALOGUE OF THE YOUNG GENERATION will be held in Elbląg, organized by the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Bałtyk. The aim of the event is to increase the influence of young people on the local and regional social and civic sphere. It is a very important event of the INDIGISE project combined with thematic workshops aimed at shaping innovative, entrepreneurial and participatory attitudes and thinking of young people. The event will also feature a panel discussion with lots of action going on!

The event is directed to:

● young people interested in strengthening their abilities and opportunities to act in the area social entrepreneurship

● youth councils of Warmia and Mazury and Pomerania

● other local formal and informal organizations associating and activating youth,

● regional youth associations and representations

Representatives of Youth Board and Board Guardians are invited to register at the FORUM at the following link:


Participation in the event is free and open - we invite everyone.

We cover travel costs to the event.

FORUM program, 6 June 2022, Elbląg

08:30-09:00 Registration, coffee break

09:00-09:10 Opening of the event and welcome the participants by the Director of STG ERB - Marcin Żuchowski

09:10-09:25 Introduction to the INDIGISE project - supporting social enterpreneurship of young people - Adrianna Gniado-Turkowska oraz Dawid Jędrzejewski

09:25-09:40 Presentation of the social enterupreneurship platform –

09:40-10.00 Presentation of the guidebook - how to stimulate social entrepreneurship through informal teaching methods

10:00-10:20 „Activities of the Self-government of the Warmia-Masury Voivodeship for the youth" 

- Joanna Glezman, Head of the Office for Social Dialogue and Public Benefit of the Marshal's Office

10:20-10.30 Information about the Youth Assembly of the Warmia-Masury Voivodeship

10:30-10:45 Coffee break

10:45-12:45 Warkshop part A - Trener Civis Polonus Foundation

  1. My Youth Board We learn about the possible activities of the youth board on the basis of the experiences of workshop participants
  2. Legal basis of the youth council Functions and tasks of the youth board

12:45-13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:30 Warkshop part B - Trener Civis Polonus Foundation

  1. Cooperation of the youth board with local authorities Possibilities and good practices
  2. Cooperation of the youth board with young people How a youth board can represent young people and involve them in cooperation
  3. We build the network around common goals An attempt to establish cooperation between youth boards around common tasks and goals

15:30-16:00 Participants' discussion about future youth events and initiatives

16:00-16:15 Summary and further cooperation plans- ERB YOUTH BOARD, Baltic Euroregion youth network

16:15-16:30 Conclisions

Contact of the event supervisors:

Paulina Lieder-Żuchowska; +48 601 690 335,

Adrianna Gniado-Turkowska; +48 607 334 619,

Dawid Markun, representantive of the STG ERB Youth Board of the Euroregion Baltic (ERB Youth Board)

Main Youth specialist in our Association

Dawid Jędrzejewski, deputy of the representative of the STG ERB Youth Board of the Euroregion Baltic (ERB Youth Board)

You're welcome!


On May 9-11 2022 almost 30 young people (including 7 representatives of our Association) from 4 Baltic Sea countries had the opportunity to participate together with their guardians in the "Social Entrepreneurship Camp" organized by the University of Klaipeda as part of the Indigise project.

The international event was an opportunity to work on social activity and entrepreneurship as a symbiotic business relationship. During three intensive days of work, participants could develop their ideas and also talk about problems that bother them not only in their own group but also with business specialists.

The exchange of experiences, learning about the functioning of existing social enterprises and international cooperation resulted in many ideally beautiful and financially aspiring business ideas, which were then consulted during the online part, which took place immediately after returning from Lithuania, on May 13-14, 2022. It was an opportunity to present the platform on social entrepreneurship, individual consultations on the participants' own business plans and where to look for substantive support by young entrepreneurs. The event was also summed up by te INDIGISE lead partner.

“Through this short trip, we were able to get to know each other in the context of social coexistence and demonstrate the most important social dilemmas for the development of our own businesses focused on social goals. Thank you for welcoming us and for the opportunity to take advantage of the experience and we look forward to the next ones ", said Dawid Markun, one of the event's participant.

One of the outputs of this event is the "Social Entrepreneurship Innovation Methodology Manual" which outlines guidelines for organizing innovation camps or similar events with a strong emphasis on social entrepreneurship.

The handbook is a set of interactive and innovative educational materials and ICT tools as well as gamification and brainstorming methods dedicated to training, education and awareness raising on social entrepreneurship among young people, which is recommended for use later by schools in other EU countries, universities, NGOs, etc.

Europe has a long tradition of organizing events that bring together pupils and students, academia, government and business from all over the country and even continents. These events create a common point of view for the participating countries, give them a fantastic opportunity to bring together workers, supporters, volunteers and especially young people at the same time and place. Entrepreneurship is not only about creating successful companies, it is rather the competence to improve the environment we live in by solving old and new problems, responding to unmet needs and having the ambition to meet known and emerging challenges such as achieving an carbon neutral economy carbon dioxide, eradicating poverty or cleaning the oceans of plastic, etc.

What is the next step?

Another event for Polish youth:



Date of the Event: 06/06/2022

Place: Elbląg - Old Town Hall (3rd floor), room D300, ul. Stary Rynek 25

Organizer: Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Bałtyk

We invite all youth councils existing in our member self-governments to participate in this event! More info coming soon!

Entrepreneurship among young people - educational camp in Klaipeda, Lithuania!

Youth representatives of local governments from Pomerania and Warmia and Mazury participate in a 3-day workshop on entrepreneurship, which from today on May 9 this year. began in Klaipeda, Lithuania and will last until Wednesday inclusive. The trip was organized as part of a project entitled: INDIGISE International camp for social entrepreneurship "Together we are stronger". Polish participants, together with their peers from Lithuania, Latvia and Norway, will promote youth social entrepreneurship in the Baltic Sea region, and will also seek positive social and environmental changes in society.

The workshop in Lithuania is a combination of the experience of specialists from universities, non-governmental organizations and business networks, who will act in accordance with the latest trends in education, and the participants of the Indigise project event will provide support and through educational tools used in non-formal education will:

It will be an intensive learning period that may change the lives of young participants in the near future and put them on the path of true entrepreneurship.

Polish representatives:

Dawid Markun, Dawid Jędrzejewski, Olga Werner, Jakub Tomasik, Maja Karpiuk i Piotr Walewski.

The guardian of the Polish group is Mrs. Sylwia Jasiak, entrepreneurship specialist at the WAMA-COOP Association for the Development of Local Cooperatives and Entrepreneurship from Olsztyn, whom we would like to thank very much for accepting the invitation to participate in this event.