Final conference of the GreenUp project

The GreenUp - Youth for Green Change in Schools and Local Communities project, implemented over the past two years, had its official conclusion today. The conference marking the end of the project took place in Olsztyn. During the event, we once again recalled and shared with the gathered audience all the most important events and achievements that occurred during the project implementation. Representatives of WAMA COOP Association, Elbląg Technology Park, Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic, and Fønix AS spoke about cross-sectoral cooperation. Norwegian partners also talked about their work method with Norwegian youth - IPS. Invited guests, representing local government bodies including the City Hall in Braniewo and the Municipal Office in Miłakowo, discussed the future of youth cooperation in local governments. Meanwhile, representatives of youth environments presented a book of best practices, which includes projects developed by youth. There was also a panel discussion on topics related to youth community development, initiatives like 'youth for youth,' and youth engagement in ecology and nature conservation. The conference was hosted by Marcin Żuchowski from STG ERB and Mateusz Dąbkowski from WAMA COOP Association, for which we sincerely thank them.

Public Hearing in Dzierzgoń

We are closing another phase of GreenUp project activities. Today was the third and final Public Hearing. This time their project fiches were presented by students from: Elementary School in Bągart, Wanda Chotomska Elementary School in Bruk, and Polish State Millennium Elementary School in Dzierzgon. All presentations were carefully listened to by representatives of the Dzierzgon Municipal Office. The design concepts presented at today's event are:

"EKO PLACE - Green Place/Heart of Dzierzgon," whose main goal is to build environmental awareness in the Dzierzgon municipality of children and young people, and during the implementation of the project would, among other things, create a public space dedicated primarily to young people;

"EEE BĄGART- Experimental Educational Ecological Project in Bągart," where the main goal is a cleaner, greener and more socially engaged Bągart, and one of the specific goals is to create an ecological, safe and environmentally friendly educational path between Bągart and Dzierzgon;

"Better Eco Life - Better Eco Life in the Municipality of Dzierzgon and Bruk," which set as its main objective the improvement of the quality of life of residents through the organization of joint pro-environmental initiatives in Bruk, in one of the points containing specific objectives appeared the need to improve the state of public infrastructure through the construction of a system of bicycle paths and trash garbage cans for waste segregation, along with containers for dog excrement.

The mayor of Dzierzgon, Jolanta Szewczun, responded positively to all the concepts presented, and the meeting culminated in the signing of a letter of intent - the Pact for Green Change in the Municipality of Dzierzgon, announcing cooperation in future project activities between Dzierzgon's local government structures and the GreenUp project consortium.

The GreenUP project is financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway from the EEA and Norwegian Funds under the Active Citizens - Regional Fund Program."

Project partners are: WAMA COOP Association of GMINS of the Republic of Poland EUROREGION BALTIC Fønix AS , Elblag Technology Park.

Public Hearing in the Nowe Miasto Lubawskie

Another Public Hearing is behind us. We met today in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie to carry out an important task within the GreenUp project. The effects of their work to date on ecological project ideas were presented to the authorities of New Lubawski City today by delegations from schools John Paul II Elementary School No. 1 in New Town Lubawski, Janusz Korczak Elementary School No. 2 in New Town Lubawski and New Town Philomats Elementary School No. 3. The first project concept, entitled "Cycling for Health", set as its main objective increasing physical activity among residents and tourists and pro-ecological solutions limiting the negative impact of man on nature; the second, entitled "Ecommunity", set as its main objective increasing the involvement of young people in ecological activities and changing attitudes to pro-ecology, through workshops and education on nature; while in the third - "Ready for a Green Start?!" the main objective is to increase the activity of city residents through their activation to improve living conditions and environmental well-being. All concepts met with a favorable response from city officials. As in Braniewo, the Letter of Intent, which is a "Pact for Green Change in the Municipality of the City of Nowe Miasto Lubawskie," was signed today. The next and final Public Hearing will be held this Thursday in Dzierzgoń.

Braniewo - first Public Hearing under the GreenUp project

The first "public hearing" under the GreenUp project is behind us. Today, delegations from the Senate of the Republic of Poland Elementary School No. 3 in Braniewo, Braniewo Elementary School No. 5 in Braniewo, and Braniewo Jan Pawełl II Sports Elementary School No. 6 in Braniewo, presented the results of their work on project fiches to representatives of the authorities in Braniewo. Three project proposals were presented: "Young environmental leaders," "Braniewo Botanical Garden - A peaceful place eco Braniewo youth," and "SmileCRAFT - A game for a green future."

The problems raised by the youth were mainly: low environmental awareness of residents, due to which there are illegal landfills in the city and municipality (but also in the region) (in the municipality "garbage everywhere"); broader social inclusion and building involvement of residents in pro-environmental and environmental protection activities, including different age groups or social groups, and broader cooperation between different entities (schools, administration, NGOs, youth, companies); irrational management of resources - the formation of excessive amounts of waste which is associated with the problem of achieving the required recycling rates; disordered waste reacts physico-chemically and biochemically, it is an environment for the functioning of bacteria and viruses, which, through insects, rodents and birds, are transmitted to other organisms, including humans; contamination of vegetation through the soil and root system; in the vicinity of wild waste dumps, the entire vegetation cycle of plants is altered; waste stored in large quantities in heaps and wild dumps creates a fire and explosion hazard; burning of waste by residents of the municipality; Lack of recycling is a reduction in the efficiency of natural resource use; lack of knowledge of the exact amount of recyclable waste generated, which increases the cost of the waste collection and management system; reduction in the scenic and tourist value of the area surrounding the landfill; poor environmental condition and increased pressure on the environment.

The main goal of the first project presented was a clean city through the creation of the Braniewo eco-community based on the involvement, education, inclusion in action of youth and all residents. The main goal of the second project, presented by the youth to representatives of the local government in Braniewo, was to use the existing urban infrastructure and create an environmentally friendly, interactive place of recreation and environmental education in Braniewo for people of all ages and their pets by developing the grounds of the former city zoo and activating residents. While the main goal of the third project presented is: youth closer to the environment through gamification and play - promoting environmental education through gamification for children and young people using a smartphone application and including a manual of ecological skills that help in everyday ecological decision-making and teaching about sustainability and environmental protection.

Tomasz Sielicki Mayor of Braniewo signed a Letter of Intent - a pact for green change in the municipality of the city of Braniewo, in which he declares that together with representatives of the GreenUp project consortium, he will make every effort to ensure that the youth initiatives developed so far can become a reality in the future.

GreenUp project - the last meeting of the Roundtables

The second day of creating project fiches from GreenUp, in Nowy Miasto Lubawskie, resulted in the creation of three more very interesting and inspiring initiatives that have a chance to be implemented in the future. The young people demonstrated their creativity and substantive approach, at the stage of drawing up a list of potential project activities, as well as opportunities and threats that may arise during their implementation. For their participation in the workshop, we would like to thank students from the Jan Paweł II Primary School No. 1, the Janusz Korczak Primary School No. 2 and the New Town Philomats Primary School No. 3. And next Monday, the next stage of the GreenUp project activities, that is, the first "public hearings", which will be held in Braniewo.

Round Tables in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie

A meeting in the formula of Roundtables in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie completes the next stage of work under the GreenUp project. Today, on the first day of the workshop, we met with students from the Jan Paweł II Elementary School No. 1, the Janusz Korczak Elementary School No. 2 and the New Town Philomats Elementary School No. 3 , to work on issues of concern, divided into the identification of hard, infrastructural problems, and soft problems related to education and social development; the young people also defined the steps and goals of future project initiatives. We also worked on the name, acronym and logo of the project. Tomorrow we will move on to developing project activities. Finally, each of the three groups will present the results of their two-day work.