A conference summarizing the ENGAGE! project, which has been implemented by Polish and Norwegian partners for the past two and a half years, was held last Saturday, June 17. The project was aimed at strengthening international cooperation in the third sector, in the region of Pomerania and Warmia and Mazury. The effects of their activities were shared by the speakers who took the floor in a panel discussion.

The final conference was combined with the annual event, the Pomeranian Social Animation Forum, in which the conference participants also took part, after the panel part.

In the second part of the final conference, workshops were held, where one could gain knowledge about the possibilities of establishing international cooperation between NGOs in the Baltic Sea region, or information about sources of funding for cooperation between Baltic NGO's, as well as about upcoming project calls. The attendees were also provided with training materials, helpful for further activities.

The training material ENGAGE! on building international partnerships and raising international funds for NGOs is available for download on the project leader's website, at the link:

Materiały z konferencji finalnej ENGAGE!

A big celebration of the ENGAGE! project, June 17, Gdańsk-Oliwa

Reminder! In just a few days, this Saturday, June 17 '23, there will be a big celebration of the ENGAGE project!

WHERE: Gdańsk, ul. Wita Stwosza 23

The final conference is organized by BISER - Project Leader

We meet at 10:00 am and at 11:00 am there will be a panel discussion on the transfer of ENGAGE experience!

If you are an organization that has benefited from the services of the Office of International Cooperation advice and participated in the meetings of the ENGAGE! project, where we talked about the problems of your organization and encouraged you to take action in partnership with the countries of the Baltic Sea - THIS event is for you! Come to Gdansk and you will meet there people who are socially active like you!

After the panel there will be a short break, during which those wishing to attend can participate in a discussion about cooperation between NGOs and local governments, there will also be time for networking and additional questions. At 1:30 p.m. the picnic and lunch begins, to which you are cordially invited, there will be hot, cold, salty, sweet, vege and meat options 🙂

After lunch there is a series of short, inspiring talks in the form of #prawieTEDex followed by our ENGAGE workshop from 3:30 pm! for which BISER has prepared brand new, up-to-date training materials. This will be an additional opportunity to discuss the latest project calls, upcoming Baltic cooperation events (and more), consult project ideas, etc.

The project is implemented with a grant from the Active Citizens - National Fund funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Funds _

Remember! Admission free!

ENGAGE! project - welcome to a summary of activities, June 17, 2023, Gdańsk

Let's meet at the ENGAGE! project summary conference! Saturdaj, June 17 in Gdańsk

It has been a great adventure for many NGOs, as this project specifically included third sector entities, offering them to gain knowledge and tools to increase their level of cooperation and start activities in an international environment. During the last event, the results that were achieved during the event will be presented.

The project aimed to help NGOs internationalize, strengthen projects and processes, already undertaken, and create a friendly climate for broad cooperation among local NGOs, equipping them with relevant competencies. Organizations that expressed interest in participating in the project had the opportunity to learn how to establish lasting international relations.

The results of the project activities will be presented in detail at an upcoming conference.

The success of the project, in addition to the visits, has been the operation of the International Cooperation Advice Bureau, which is used on a daily basis by many people representing different stakeholder groups.



During this time:

Summary of 2.5 years of project implementation - celebrations on June 17 in Gdansk

It will soon be the end of the ENGAGE! project, which lasted 2.5 years. BISER - the leader of the project summarized the activities aimed at equipping Pomeranian and Warmia-Mazury NGOs with competencies to start and develop international cooperation in the area of their activities.

What happened:

June 17, the official closing of the project will take place in Gdansk. On behalf of the leader of the BISER Association, we cordially invite you! Therefore, we encourage representatives of NGOs from Warmia and Mazury, who are willing to take part in the celebrations, to apply to our Association. We want you to share with other participants your experiences of cooperation within the ENGAGE project!

Details of the program coming soon!

Events for NGOs - the ENGAGE! recommends!

NGOs are encouraged to participate in the very interesting but above all useful events organised in the region.

One of them is: How it's done. Transnational cooperation of NGOs (Jak to się robi. Współpraca międzynarodowa organizacji pozarządowych)

WHEN: 19 April 2023. Olsztyn, Hotel Omega, 4a Sielska Street

The topics of the panels coincide with those of the recent ENGAGE! and will include practical examples of international cooperation. This is an opportunity to meet people who are implementing international projects, including through the use of the ENGAGE project's International Co-operation Advice Bureau. Among others, there will be a panel presenting the project entitled "Green Up - Youth for Green Change in Schools and Communities", which will be presented by Mateusz Dobkowski from WAMA-COOP - an association which all NGOs should be friends with 🙂 Panellists will also include other people who are improving their skills in international cooperation with the Euroregion - Izabela Narożniak-Jakubowska from Gothic Castles, as well as other people who are extremely active in their activities.

We warmly encourage you to attend and engage in discussions with the panellists!

Another event is the Workshop for Smart Specialisation Leaders "Water Economy".

We encourage you to attend this event because it is about a specific speciality - water - which is particularly important these days. You will find out more about this at the meeting.


And if you are willing to collaborate at a higher level on water issues, we encourage you to read and complete the DECLARATION OF COOPERATION

Warmia-Masury inspirations of the ENGAGE! - workshops finished!

Today saw the final workshop of the ENGAGE! addressed to non-governmental organisations from the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship. This activity was one of 8 realised in the project, 4 for Pomerania and 4 for Warmia and Mazury. Their aim was to raise awareness of undertaking international activities and knowledge of possible sources of funding for local initiatives, improve skills in developing cross-border cooperation, acquire practical knowledge related to the creation of project concepts and partnerships, and familiarise themselves with innovative tools enabling them to work more creatively.

Participants had the opportunity to:

- gain inspiration and share their ideas for implementing international activities;
- connect with regional and international stakeholders in the Polish-Norwegian network initiated as part of the ENGAGE!;
- expand their activities with new and improved cooperation opportunities during our matchmaking session and in our partner market;
- turn common adversities into opportunities and possibilities for co-operation within various programmes and competitions

The workshop was attended by new organisations that had not previously benefited from ENGAGE!

The essence of the meeting was the practical part aimed at pooling potentials. Projects that require the inclusion of further partners were presented so that the representatives present could find a suitable topic for their organisations.

In addition to the knowledge imparted to the participants, we involved everyone in a lively discussion about their needs, expectations and project experiences. We had the opportunity to present the opportunities offered by the project and encourage international cooperation on the basis of European funds. Together, we went through the most important points contained in the applications for aid programmes.

The power always lies in learning together!

We also hosted organisations that had benefited from the assistance of the International Cooperation Advice Bureau working on the ENGAGE project! These organisations were included in project consortia and are today implementing their first projects with foreign partners.

By working with us, NGOs also have the opportunity to meet foreign partners working in a wide range of thematic areas.

We encourage you to contact us!