SZTUM CIRCULAR ECONOMY - networking with international and national specialists, 8-9.12.2022, Olsztyn

Ladies and Gentlemen The President of the Euroregion Baltic, Mr. Gustaw Marek Brzezin and the partners of the ARTUM CIRCULAR ECONOMY (SCE) project would like to invite you to the ANNUAL FORUM OF INTEREST OF THE BALTIC EUROREGION, which will be held on 8 December this year in Olsztyn. Experts and representatives of local authorities from Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden have announced their participation in this event.

The event will be held within the framework of the SCE action entitled 'Building political anchorage in the Baltic Sea area for actions based on the use of GOZ processes to mitigate the negative effects of climate change'.

If you are interested:


Venue: OMEGA Hotel, 4a Sielska Street, Olsztyn

Meeting times: 8 December 2022 (ANNUAL FORUM), 9 December 2022 (project meetings) - final agenda coming soon

Participation: Open admission - pre-registration required REGISTRATION LINK

This action takes advantage of the opportunities offered by the Euroregion Baltic's international network - bringing together regions from Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania - combined with the organisation of a conference section dedicated to GOZ and climate change adaptation (including blue and green growth) and joint dialogue, and the possibility to create new project initiatives.

The ANNUAL FORUM is one of three international meetings of the SCE project, which aims to strive to strengthen the processes of internationalisation of activities and cross-sectoral dialogue in the Baltic Sea area in the field of GOZ.


June 6th, 2022, the Young Generation Dialogue Forum was held in Elbląg with the participation of over 30 people - representatives of Youth Councils together with guardians, who operate in the member self-governments of the Association from: Elbląg, Malbork, Nowe Miasto Lubawskie and Dzierzgoń.

The organizer of the event was the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Bałtyk.

The aim of this event was to integrate the community of Youth Local Government Councils, exchange experiences, search for inspiration for youth activities for the benefit of young people, and establish cooperation with Youth Councils.

Along with the agenda of the Forum, participants received from the organizers handbooks created under the INDIGISE project, covered by the IO2 action "Manual - how to stimulate social entrepreneurship using non-formal and informal learning methods", and also covered by the IO3 action "Social Enterpreneurship Methodology Handbook".

The official opening was made by Marcin Żuchowski, Director of the Secretariat of the Association, who introduced participants to the activities of the Youth Councils, their activities, directions of activities, at the same time asking the participants to introduce themselves to get to know each other better. Then Adrianna Gniado-Turkowska presented the assumptions of the INDIGISE project, sources of financing, project partnership, activities carried out in Poland, and in other countries and also with Polish and foreign partners. This statement was complemented by the presentation of the candidate for a member of the Youth Board of the Euroregion Baltic, Dawid Jędrzejewski, about the participation of young representatives of the Councils in the action entitled "Social entrepreneurship camp", held in Klaipeda on May 9-11, 2022, and then on May 13-14, online. He also discussed a website about social entrepreneurship aimed at serving young people, which was created within another project and is being developed as part of INDIGISE.

The guest of the Forum was Ms Joanna Glezman, Head of the Department for Social Dialogue and Public Benefit of the Marshal's Office of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship, together with Ms Maja Świtkowska from the same Department.

Ms Joanna Glezman introduced the participants to many interesting initiatives and projects undertakenby the Warmia and Mazury Voivodship for the benefit of young people since 2015, e.g. subsidies "Local system of supporting youth initiatives" or " We act for the benefit of local communities", the assumption of which is to create and strengthen conditions for the development of creative potential, civic activity and competences of young people, developing intergenerational cooperation, building local coalitions and partnerships, supporting initiatives developed by young people. In her presentation, Ms Joanna Glezman also discussed projects for young people, indicated the most active localities, discussed the assumptions of the working group established by a Resolution of the Board of the Warmia and Masury Voivodeship "Strengthening the creative potential, civic activity and social competences of young people", and many other initiatives for young people, such as the annual Youth Forum of Warmia and Mazury, during which the problems faced by young people and their needs are discussed. The next Youth Forum of Warmia and Mazury will be held on June 10, 2022, to which the participants of the Elbląg Forum were invited by the Manager.

The Young Generation Dialogue Forum was combined with thematic workshops aimed at shaping innovative, entrepreneurial and participatory attitudes and thinking of young people. This part also included a discussion panel on the needs of young people, the environment in which they live, their social activity, and setting directions for action. The entire part was conducted by the CIVIS POLONUS Foundation from Warsaw. Forum participants also had the opportunity to see the good practices of the activities of Youth Councils, Towns and Poviats from various parts of Poland, presented by the Foundation, as initiatives or projects that changed the community. Some of these initiatives live online as podcasts, and you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want.

The guardians of the Youth Councils had a separate meeting with the Association's team led by Marcin Żuchowski, Director of the Secretariat. He presented several youth-related project initiatives that he discussed with participants, inviting them to jointly discuss the concept of project proposals, including goals, activities, etc.

The FORUM ended with a summary and, at the same time, an invitation to cooperate within initiatives presented by Dawid Markun, a representative of the Youth Council of the Baltic Euroregion.

"Slavic" - a meeting of creative women of the Creative Waves project

May 7th, the first online meeting of the participants of the Creative Waves project was held. Despite virtual reality, there was a lively discussion about what happened as part of the project activities in each of the participating countries.

A leader from Sweden, Ms Iwona Preis from Intercult Productions, introduced the participants to the main goals and assumptions of the project, and also told what happened in Sweden as part of the project. It introduced creative women along with their achievements. The benefits for them include, first of all, expanding the group of creative women, promoting culture, cultivating the heritage in the form of creating artistic products, combining styles and the possibility to broaden their knowledge on the use of recycled materials for artistic purposes.

The Pomeranian partner of the project - the Baltic Sea Cultural Center in Gdańsk involved the Kwidzyn Cultural Center in the implementation of the project and its activities were shown during the webinar. Two ethnic groups and their traditional works are widely known in the Pomeranian Voivodeship - they are Kashubs and Kociewiacy. The third group living in Powiśle, with their traditional white embroidery, is not yet well-known. Therefore, NCK decided to invite creative women from this area to the project.

Thanks to the project, creative women from Powiśle promote white embroidery as part of the cultural heritage of Powiśle, gain more systemic knowledge about the cultural heritage of Powiśle, so that they can promote it more effectively, create a template for Powiśle embroidery, transfer Powiśle embroidery into the digital language thanks to a specially created application, constantly broaden the group of people interested in this form of artistic handicraft. By participating in design workshops, they develop their skills and spend time together in a more creative way.

Two types of workshops were presented:

A. Workshops during which the participants got to know the secrets of the white embroidery of the Vistula region, which is the cultural heritage of Powiśle (Pomerania);

B. Workshops on new media - digital tools, including the designed application, thanks to which it will be possible to collect information about the post-Vistula cultural heritage, its promotion and support for its cultural and economic use.

One of the results of the project is also establishing cooperation with the Ethnography Department of the National Museum in Gdańsk, as well as the Ethnographic Museum in Toruń and the Museum of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. Thanks to this cooperation, it will be possible to conduct professional research on post-Vistula embroidery, and then its digitization.

The webinar was prepared by Krystyna Wróblewska representing the Baltic Euroregion.

We encourage you to visit the partners' websites and visit them on social media, where the current information related to the project appears.


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