"A captivating speaker" training as part of the Active Creative project.

Whether we are presenting a project, hosting a cultural event or giving a toast at a family party, public speaking is an everyday occurrence. There are those of us who are comfortable with a microphone, but there are also those for whom public speaking is a major stressor.

So how do you become a speaker who captivates your audience? And how do we use our potential so that public presentations give us great satisfaction and take our audience where we want them to go? This can be learned.

That is why we invite you to the "Captivating Speaker" workshop.

You will have the opportunity to learn how to:

Meeting with the Head of Gronowo Elbląskie Municipality

Today we had the pleasure of visiting the Gronowo Elbląskie Commune Office, where we met with the mayor of Gronowo Elbląskie Commune, Marcin Ślęzak. During the meeting, we handed over to the mayor the officially signed resolution of the Board of the Association of Municipalities of the Republic of Poland Euroregion Baltic, on accepting Gronowo Elbląskie as a member of our Association. Together, we discussed the overarching directions for future activities related to obtaining European funding and the needs of the commune's residents. The ceremonial welcoming of the new commune will take place at the next General Meeting of the STG ERB.

Task Force group - online meeting

The Shtum Circular Economy Project's International Task Force on Climate Change and Green Transformation held a meeting today, online. The session summarized the results of the recent visit to Växjö and addressed topics related to networking on the topic of green transformation in the Baltic Sea region, with the aim of sharing knowledge and good examples. We discussed potential forms of organizing promotional activities, defining the target audience and project ideas. A schedule of meetings for the coming months was also set.

Study visit to Klaipeda - day 3

Today we completed a three-day study visit to Klaipeda within the framework of the WaterMan project. On the third day we worked on local and regional strategic models on the topic of water reuse. Project partners presented their studies, and there was a discussion with experts, with questions and comments, in response to each presentation. Upcoming events related to the project were also planned.

Waterman project - study visit to Lithuania - day 2

The second day of the study visit to Lithuania, as part of the WaterMan project, was packed with workshops and study visits with the theme - the potential and challenges of water reuse in Lithuania. We were hosted today in the town of Gargždai. The first part of the day featured panel discussions on the topics of water management challenges and the potential for water reuse. We listened to presentations, during which there were also examples and inspiration on water reuse. We then went to the site of the planned pilot activities of the WaterMan project in the Klaipeda and Gargžda regions. Participants were shown around by local project representatives, who provided information and explanations related to the future implementation of the plans. We will meet again tomorrow to work on the water reuse strategy.

Study visit to Klaipeda - day 1

We have started a study visit of the WaterMan project, which is taking place in Lithuania. Today we worked in Klaipeda, where a meeting of project partners is taking place. After a brief introduction to the resources of the laboratory at Klaipeda University's Marine Research Institute and a review of the status of project activities, today's day was devoted to workshop work in the world café format, where we worked on thematic areas related to promotion, dissemination and raising awareness of water reuse. As part of the work undertaken, we identified target groups, instruments and tools for disseminating information promoting water reuse in the Baltic Sea region. Tomorrow's day will be devoted to visiting sites where the WaterMan project's pilot activities are being implemented.

The assumptions and a brief description of the project can be found at the link: