The tripartite Engage project with funding!

The tripartite Engage project with funding!

Dear Ladies and gentlemen,

great information for the beginning of 2021 for all NGOs in our member councils! A joint project led by BISER - the Baltic Institute of European and Regional Affairs aimed at supporting the internationalization of Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian NGOs received a grant under a sector competition under the Active Citizens Program - National Fund

By the decision of the Program Committee, grants will be awarded to 32 Applicants, 1 application is on the reserve list. The total amount of subsidies awarded is almost EUR 4.2 million allocated to activities supporting the civic sector in Poland.

Over the next two years, we will support your non-governmental organizations in establishing cooperation with organizations from Norway, Iceland, Russia and the Baltic States. We will organize, among others workshops, study visits and hackathons with partners from abroad. We are starting this spring with our partners from BISER (Gdynia) and Sørlandets Europakontor AS (Kristiansand) - Norway

More about ENGAGE ! project:
1. The Active Citizens Fund - National Program is one of 11 programs run in Poland from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (the so-called Norway Grants and EEA Grants) 2014-2021 and one of the two intended to support the activities of social organizations.
2. Planned implementation: Beginning 2021.03.01 to 2023-06-30 (27 months)
3. Type of activity: Provision of services and organization of other activities supporting the institutional development of social organizations and civic movements
4. Scope of the project: European or transnational
5. Project consortium: - three NGOs - 2 partners from Poland: project leader - BISER - the Baltic Institute of European and Regional Affairs and the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic and one from Norway - Sørlandets Europakontor AS
6. Project budget: 140 250.00 Euro

In the ENGAGE! Project we want to become the avant-garde of changes and innovations in the area of ​​cross-border Baltic cooperation of NGO sector entities. To this end, we want to use good practices from previous projects and our experience of international cooperation for NGOs. In particular, we will focus on involving inexperienced associations in cooperation and transferring best practices / techniques / tools to build a strong local community.

The effects of the ENGAGE project will be:
- Increasing the cooperation capacity of local entities in the area of ​​Northern Poland with partners of the Baltic Region, especially Norway, Russia and Iceland;
- improved cooperation capacity of at least 30 local NGOs through participation in international networks. and cross-border;
- creation of min. 10 project partnerships between community organizations that will be active or supported by ENGAGE!
– creation of min. 10 joint initiatives that will be implemented in cooperation with other social organizations, e.g. exchange of knowledge, good practices, study visit, etc.
- creation of min. 5 partnerships with public entities from PL and / or NO for further international cooperation;
- increased the level of knowledge and innovation, including 30 local 3 sector actors through a clear internationalization. their actions;
- increased the ability to cooperate in projects within heckhathons with partners from NO (possibly also from RU and Iceland, whom we will invite to participate) Facilitating intercultural dialogue among NGOs

Once again, big congratulations to everyone involved, and especially a special thank you to project leader Engage! - Mrs.Magda Leszczynie- Rzucidło!

More information on the next steps soon!

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